elecom We wanted to know this of memory! Which is which?
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What is memory?
When increase; effect?
How do you choose?
How do you buy?
Can even one do it?
Memory Q&A
Identification of <PASSED A> of trust
How do you choose? To decide Dimensions building more; ...
Cannot raise as much as desired; read here carefully not to suffer a loss
At first, it is confirmation of current memory size of PC before increasing memory.
When do not know current memory size, how long should build more; share karanaikaranou.
"Memory should be big", and ... maa is surely the street. We do shika ... and cannot raise as much as desired.
This is because maximum memory size is fixed by model of PC.
In addition, memory which we can build more for each model is decided.
"It is not usable in own PC which closed!" later Is here well so that there is not what thing; study surunojazo.
We confirm memory at the present of PC
In the case of Windows
We click "start" of PC,
We choose "My Computer" and click the right button.
We choose "property" among displayed menu.
If there are any indication called "○○ MB (GB) RAM" in "property of system" window, that is current memory size.
In the case of Mac
We click "apple mark" and choose "about this Mac".
Indication called "memory ○○ MB (GB) ..." in window is current memory size.
Furthermore, we click "detailed information", and ... anything and the situation of available slot and current memory size are seen when we choose "memory" among the left contents!
We look for adapted memory in PC
At first, let's check model number of own PC before looking for memory!
That is because when do not know what kind of model own PC is, good memory mowakaranaikaranou.
Confirmation of model number is check in the backside of the PC body to see Manual of PC.
We tell concrete procedure if we can check model number.
If step on step well, nothing is difficult.
ELECOM memory site "memo navigator" page
We access http://www2.elecom.co.jp/support/memory/
Memo navigator
Memo navigator
We input information of PC you have into "PC Sale Period" including "maker" "series name, model number".
※It is not necessary to input all. Even a part is searchable.
Memo navigator
We click search button if we input search condition.
Memo navigator
Search results screen is displayed.
Memo navigator
Furthermore, in detailed Get Info, we click the "details" of the right-side end button.
Memo navigator
Detailed information screen is displayed.
Correspondence memory search results
We click button "printing" of screen top right corner to print.
Correspondence memory search results
Setting window of screen and printer for print is displayed.
We perform page setup with printer you have and print.
Screen for print
Correspondence memory search results
If this has this list printing toward article number of memory of your PC, convenience jazo
Then we understood the article number of memory, too and are finally the memory purchase!
In front of it of purchase ... in the space of memory slot confirmation
We confirm Specifications information of PC or we actually open the PC body and confirm whether there is space building more memory.
As slot can build more if there are any spaces, and Maximum Capacity is often written in specifications again, we replace memory in total, and that can build more.

※When there are 2 slots, in the case of PC transcribed into "up to 2GB in capacity", 1GB becomes recommended capacity about 1 slot.
One available slot of desktop PC
One available slot of desktop PC
One available slot of note PC
One available slot of note PC
"How do you buy next?"