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Are all trivia of memory not to know? We introduce this humorously! Is it new attempt using memory? Experiment is released of this, too!
Board of memory
Why is it green?
Nice to meet you, everybody.
It is me (I), memory man samurai.
Does everybody know that really many mysteries and secrets are hidden in memory?

Even if, in this section, we know
We want to fully tell about useless knowledge of any memory without profiting.

Well, the first that you should memorialize,
"Why is board of memory green?

According to the information that we stocked from well-informed person with me,
Board of memory seems to be generally made in material called glass epoxy (glass epoxy materials).
And we hear that we paint the material with surface treatment film called doubtful solder resist something or other.
I am wandering IT engineer putting the body in the IT industry for a long time,
We have not heard the strange name called solder resist.
Everybody is the name to hear for the first time, too.

Well, reason hatoiuto where board of important memory is colored…
As ink of solder resist is green,
It is that board of memory is green.

Is it only that?
You who thought so. A little more acquaintance.

In fact, board (capoeira ×→ glass epoxy ○) of memory original color does not seem to be green (there seems to be much white).
Then it is purpose that prevents the copper oxidation of pattern (place that electricity goes along) of board why you paint with such a surface treatment film (solder resist).

Furthermore, it is said that we apply so that solder does not appear in unnecessary place as it resists solder for the insulation more as solder resist does not conduct electricity.

In the first place color of solder resist is not only green,
There are blue and black, red, various colors including purple.
However, green that cost is low is used for board of memory.

For me who love memory deeply, we want to see board of memory which was color except green by all means…
Well, well, it will be dispatch shiteikudegozaru by useless knowledge of memory in like this regularly in future.

We will solve secret of memory where haatto is surprised at on the next time.
Everybody, please look forward to!
Then it is the next time again!

to be continued…
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