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Are all trivia of memory not to know? We introduce this humorously! Is it new attempt using memory? Experiment is released of this, too!
Natural enemy of memory
In fact, it is ○○○!!
Everybody, It's been a long time. It is me (I), memory man samurai.

Oh, in the last time, we solve secret of memory to be surprised at…We looked for desperately since we declared this what kind of thing was pleased with by everybody when we told and found.
Fact that everybody does not know unexpectedly.
Furthermore, as well as knowledge, we think that we want you to hear carefully in actually treating memory as it is very important information.

Well, this time
"In fact, natural enemy of memory is ○○○!!"

The mainstream of semiconductor is CMOS now ※There is much one type. As for the detailed explanation of CMOS, the pivot is characterized by there being little power consumption with kind of semiconductor with CMOS saying that we leave to the following explanatory notes.

As you know, semiconductor is used for everybody including CPU of computer really everywhere in current electronic society. It may be said that high civilization does not hold good without semiconductor.

There is thing making do not like CMOS which is the semiconductor very.

That has done once and twice in anyone by all means at the age of elementary school. We rub sheet of plastic against hair and produce…Okay, it is electrostatic.

As protective circuits are incorporated in semiconductor of CMOS type in comparison with the beginning of development, we seem to become quite strong in electrostatic.
However, static electricity is easy to take place in winter to dry in particular, and the risk to fail increases.
And here is the point, but CMOS "is used for memory" let alone small apparatus such as digital camera and cell-phone and is one.
In other words, it is static electricity to have to be careful most when we handle memory.

But please feel relieved.
Static electricity measures of memory are available enough with unexpectedly imminent thing.

At first, bag to be precaution, but to put when, for example, we keep the memory body and carry. That is dangerous.
As acrylic boards for normal plastic bag and reinforcement are easy to produce electrostatic adversely, we prohibit strictly!
You must never use! Then you should use what kind of bag.
At first, measures electrostatic one reliable are bags of given air cushion. This is suitable most.

Besides, it is useful very much when we keep without throwing away bag which is wrapped when, for example, we purchased memory and HDD when we treat memory.

By the way, production factories of memory seem to put conductive list lap in hand using special material for static-free in floor and shoes, bench board. Thorough static electricity measures are given to there.

There is reason to here to become nervous. Search for cause having poor movement becomes the most difficult skill if even one part is broken by static electricity.

Did you know, everybody? It is electrostatic to have to be careful in memory exchange most. We rub memory against hair, and static electricity do not be dare caused….

to be continued…

※It is one of the Glossary representing manufacturing process of Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) sohokatakinzokusankamakuhandotaihandotaisoko and internal structure of semiconductor element 1. We may point to IC made with the manufacturing process. With semiconductor which put two kinds of metal oxide semiconductor FET (NMOS and PMOS) together, it is Features that works in Voltage of range that there is little electricity consumption, and is wide. Therefore it is easy to make product with a little power consumption and high-speed product, product (portable apparatus) with high degree of integration, and most of the LSI are CMOS types in recent PC. It is used well by electronic circuit which is driven with battery including note PC in particular (energy saving is regarded as important). There is thing which C enters for the name of CPU well in the middle of 80C86 or 80C286, but, in this, the CPU means what is made by CMOS structure. With PC/AT compatibles, it is used for records such as system configuration information. We play CMOS RAM backed up with battery and often call CMOS.
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