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We suffer a loss if we do not know! 
We suffer a loss even if we know! Story of the name
Everybody, It's been a long time.
It is me (I), memory man samurai.

This title,
"We suffer a loss if we do not know! We suffer a loss even if we know! Story of the name"

You suffer a loss when you do not know, and do you suffer a loss even if you know? 
Say donaisei; do not sleep! 
Such a feed is welcome!

Well, memory has really various names including SDRAM and DDR2, but do you know that there is the proper name in these?
Then, at first, it is this. [SDRAM]
We call this "S dynamic random access memory".
"Synchronous dynamic random access memory"
We took initial character of the very long name, and, as is expected, there is no deployment to new product and is equal recently, but appears in market at the present of thing that there is little traffic as it was mainstream memory in the Windows XP early days.
As we do not work, as for the SDRAM, Caution is necessary only for speed of PC133 and PC100 which is low when we let you mix although two standards are compatible in the mainstream.
Next is this. [DDR SDRAM]
This took initial character of "double data rate", and name that "D D are" is merely normal.
When read till the last, "double data rate synchronized swimming eggplant dynamic random access memory"
We do not know what is what meaning anymore.
By the name that is long like Arabic King….
Physical memory where this made the number of the channels of SDRAM 2 (double). Naturally speed doubles, too.
Type is divided by difference in clock number (FSB: basic operation frequency = operating speed).
But, like SDRAM, it becomes movement with clock of slow person.
Furthermore, you must use identical standard, capacity, memory of (tip which has the same if we can do it) if in the first place you make use of dual channel. Mixture of type of different memory does not consider as choice of enlargement of memory and is passable.
And the name longer is this. [DDR2 SDRAM]
When call this "double data rate two SDRAM", and read all; "double data rate two synchronized swimming eggplant dynamic random access memory"
Already too long!
As we cannot call for such name every time, we usually OK in "D D are two".
This is physical memory for new generation PC with high performance than DDR SDRAM which came up in 2004.
This is the long name, too, but is this last. [DRDRAM]
We call this "D are dynamic random access memory".
We officially call "direct Rambus dynamic random access memory".
It is called "Rambus" or "rim" commonly.
At first, it is impossible now to purchase by mistake as it just circulates for the one for special motherboard which is full of, and was limited including the one for server in detail mainly (think).

Well, introduced the name of too long storage device to here, but how. To be frank, you should do for the simple name from beginning if it is omitted after all and is called…Is it only me that think of this?
For example, like memory bamboo, memory plum….

By the way, as for BOX type NAS (Network Attached Storage) product from Logitec of ELECOM group for company, SOHO now on sale, series name is "pine, bamboo, plum" tonatteirudegozaru.

to be continued…
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