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IC of memory
Why is it black?
Everybody, It's been a long time.
It is me (I), memory man samurai.

This plan that continues miraculously to here.
This title
"Why is IC of memory black?"

Story misses memory a little,
Do you know that milk pack which a certain sports group put on sale in the old days was black?
Other than the black, anyone will know that red milk packs still form a line in the drink section.
Anything meaning seems to be covered in black and red somehow when we think that red milk pack jumped into fame other than the black in above-mentioned group.
When we check the reason in various ways…
We are known!
It is said that deterioration materials of milk increases so that light is successful, and taste changes.
Therefore by making package black and red with high light blocking effect, follow quality.

Then it is the main subject here.
What is reason why IC of memory is black?
After keeping throwing I memory man samurai, work, and checking, we finally discovered the reason!

Original color of IC seems to be milky-white, but it is colored black by a certain reason. With the reason, "to prevent damage by heat conduction" right out.
Surprisingly, black real identity is "carbon".
By mixing carbon, color milky-white resin black.
And we suppress electrostatic charge of resin by conductivity of carbon and prevent damage by electro-static discharge.
Furthermore, depending on the storage situation, there seems to be case that milky-white resin changes color, but there seems to be reason why the change of color is hard to be seen if it is black and does.

I see… In the same way as signal, meaning is hidden in all colors.
As for milk pack and IC of memory, it is that color is useful for quality control.

When it is deleterious effects of the war and summer, it is full of black and is about to see lady riding bicycle from head to foot while being drenched with sweat…Is that human quality control?….

to be continued…
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