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With main memory
Difference in flash memory?
Everybody, It's been a long time. It is me (I), memory man samurai.

Let's introduce title promptly. This time is this.
With "difference between memory module and flash memory"

When everybody hears with "memory", people who are convinced that it is identical function may be, but, in fact, does memory know that it is classified roughly to two kinds?

Memory intending for with main in this HP calls this with "volatile memory" in memory module.
In device storing data and program in PC, it is kind of semiconductor memory.
Movement is high-speed, but on the other hand this has fault that memory contents are lost when we switch off.

Kind of semiconductor memory that contents are not lost even if we call one flash memory "non-volatile memory" and can perform removal, note of data freely and switch off.

Is memory module familiar when we think with memory to build more to raise operating speed of PC?
As flash memory spreads, for example, as storage medium of digital gadgets such as digital camera or portable music player as "memory card", you will well know.
In addition, "USB storage device" which added USB connector to flash memory is convenient.

By the way, we saw such news recently. Microminiature USB memory "MF-SU2" series seems to be released, and length is 15 millimeters, and part which jumps out of the body when it came in in PC seems to remain in around 6-8 millimeters. As for the width, thickness is 7 millimeters at 18 millimeters. Weight is 2.5 grams. The certification function by password seems to be equipped with so that important data do not flow out even if lost.
In the world, it becomes more convenient.

Story derailed, but, by the way, main memory is called ROM (Read Only Member) by RAM (Random Access Memory), flash memory.
We call CD which can hold memory contents CD-ROM.

We usually call "memory" in this way,
In fact, the function was similar and was thing named fault.
It is awkward that memory of my brain is removed without permission recently,
You should buy a new memory soon….
to be continued…
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