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Of memory module
How much is size?
Everybody, It's been a long time.
It is me (I), memory man samurai.

This time is story of size of memory module.

Average size of memory module,
30mm in height X 133.35mm in width.
We measured dimensions of thing in home of memory man samurai to be easy to image size (length) of memory module here.

At first, it is H of pocket edition.
Result is 14.8mm in height.
We will say that it is slightly longer than memory module.

We measured H of can (350 ml) of beer which memory man samurai loved deeply next time.
Is slightly shorter than result, memory module; and 12.5mm.
Unexpectedly short.

When as there were high-heeled shoes of wife when we open shoebox, we take and measure…H of heel is 80mm.
It is H which is not thought about as memory man samurai usually wears straw sandals.
By the way, is it a certain celebrity actress? This seems to wear only heel of 130mm….
H which is the most about the same as memory module.
We are like wearing shoes that heel totally had storage device.

Well, do dimensions of personal thing by here.
It becomes about 414 pieces when we convert memory module into one piece of tatami mat.
As for the Japanese house, dimensions of 3 shaku X 6 shakus (*1 ken, 910mm *1,820mm between odd numbers) become all basics, and it is 1,656,200mm ÷ 4001 (memory 30mm *133.35mm) = about 414 pieces when we calculate shaku module to base in this as 1 tatami is 910mm *1,820mm = 1,656,200mm.

2,497 pieces are necessary if we convert H of Tokyo Tower of 333m into memory! 

28,316 pieces are what necessary when we convert 3,776m that is official record of Mount Fuji into memory! There is in this.
It is number that we cannot image anymore when we come to here.

By the way, plan gaarudegozaru which measured length of Shinjuso-ohashi Bridge in "we will do slightly in various ways of memory man samurai" very popular plan of this site in memory.
Was Shinjuso-ohashi Bridge memory how many sheets as expected? ?
to be continued…
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