In this of memory? Do you want to know? Interesting knowledge & experiment web site ... of ... memory man samurai
Are all trivia of memory not to know? We introduce this humorously! Is it new attempt using memory? Experiment is released of this, too!
"Memory which we built more
Do you fly? Winding of (the first part)
※Memory of this page uses memory which did not pass quality control.
Wandering plan familiar every time,
"Let's try of memory man samurai slightly in various ways"
Corner came over of this!
This plan that we were waiting impatiently for everybody was very popular last time
"We will hit memory!" It is sequel of this!
Like the last time, do you feel spring? We send from Yodogawa riverbed!

※Of course for cost cut "let's hit memory!" I take 2 corners and send this.
Probably because title "flies in memory which we built more"
The last time when flying distance increased than 256MB memory of 512MB.
Then will you fly more if you build more memory more?…? Based on hypothesis called this,
We made "cruciate" and memory of "square-shape"!
At first, we hit memory of "cruciate" of four pieces of memory of 256MB, 1GB!
※Rule of game is the same as the last time.
1 long-awaited throw eye!
Record of 1 throw eye is 17m40cm!
We grew! 
Record was prolonged
from memory of 512MB!
No, it is still early to be pleased.
Possibly it may be accidental.
It is genuine next time if we fly again!
Well, it is 2 throw eyes! toryaa!
Record of 2 up-and-coming throw eyes is what 26m40cm!
Great record! Great record was given!
This is certain!
This record is certainly genuine!
※We throw really seriously.
Well, it is triple throw eyes successively.
We change how to throw a little and are challenge for wide throw next time!
Record of triple throw eyes is 23m70cm!
Hey? Surprisingly, record fell for the first time since this plan began.
Since the Little League of elementary school, wide throw seems to have been too high for memory man samurai who was far from baseball.
Well, take heart,
We change to memory
of "square-shape" and challenge!
It is four pieces, 2GB in total at 512MB this time
We assembled into square neatly.
As is anything, or seem to fly; as nickname
We named "dual channel"!
※On earth how much is entirely blown off with true dual channelizing arimasensaa concerned?
1 up-and-coming throw eye! toryaa!
Record of 1 throw eye is recorded very much how suddenly!
Record is 49m80cm! 
Fear rubeshi dual channel! 
Do you fly to here?
Well, it is 2 throw eyes!
It is another 20cm to unreached 50m!
Where do you fly to? Okay, we throw!
We appeared! Achievement of unreached great record!
What and 50m20cm!
The person who threw cannot really believe,
We really flew!
We have got on the level of 50m at last!
※We throw really seriously.
There is no enemy if we come to here.
It is memory man samurai, fight with oneself more.
If overcome own heart; genuine samurai,
Well, where can memory man samurai, next increase record to?
Up-and-coming triple throw eyes! nuwaa!
We threw! We threw memory man samurai!
Surprisingly, we threw far so as not to be able to see!
Record is what 64m80cm!
Whose having expected that memory vanished to far-off distance more than 60m!
※We seem to be persistent, but throw really seriously. "Dual channel" being such great!
<result announcement>
 1 throw eye: 17m40cm
 2 throw eyes: 26m40cm
 Triple throw eyes: 23m70cm
 1 throw eye: 49m80cm
 2 throw eyes: 52m20cm
 Triple throw eyes: 64m80cm
This conclusion!
Enlargement that is aptitude is ...
Power increases!

In other words, hypothesis that we made last time,
[hypothesis (1)] We may fly more if we build more memory. These hypotheses were right!
Moment of the new truth discovery of memory! There is in this.
We attended event that was epoch making of memory!
The next time notice
Memory - man samurai who got in the swing
"Does memory which we built more fly? It is further winding of enlargement to condition!"
…Does it still last this plan in this? ?
Oh? …Is it super becoming gigantic? ?
Is it thing when we fly that? ?
As expected result to cuttlefish…?
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