In this of memory? Do you want to know? Interesting knowledge & experiment web site ... of ... memory man samurai
Are all trivia of memory not to know? We introduce this humorously! Is it new attempt using memory? Experiment is released of this, too!
"Memory which we built more
Do you fly? Winding of (the latter part)
※Memory of this page uses memory which did not pass quality control.
Wandering plan familiar every time,
"Let's try of memory man samurai slightly in various ways"
Corner came over of this!
Sorry to have kept you waiting, everybody!
It was very popular last time
"Does memory which we built more fly?" It is the latter part of this!
Like the last time, do you feel spring as ever? We send from Yodogawa riverbed!
※"Does memory fly?" "Does memory which we built more fly?" 3 corners take this.
"Is memory which we built more blown off title? We further build more to condition!"
Flying distance increases when we spurt in memory of 1GB in total,
The last time when we further flew in memory, popular name "dual channel" of 2GB in total more.
Surprisingly, we achieved 64m80cm and unreached great record in "dual channel"! 
Based on new hypothesis to "have possibilities to be blown off more this time if we increase more memory,"
We further build more to condition,
Product is challenge surudegozaruzo in memory of "boomerang type"!
At first, of memory six pieces, 3GB of 512MB
We hit memory of "boomerang type"!

※Rule of game is the same as the last time.
1 up-and-coming throw eye!
Hey? ? Record of 1 throw eye is 16m40cm!
…There are not unexpectedness and great thing.
No, it has just begun more.
We do not become known whether you failed by chance either.
Well, is again fired up; and 2 throw eyes! yo!
Record of 2 throw eyes, 10m60cm ...
Still more!
Is again fired up again; and triple throw eyes!
Great. We fly like boomerang!
Oh? ? By any chance…
Oh? ? Did you come back? ?
We came back!
Surprisingly, boomerang which we made with storage device returned!
…Hey, we wanted to just try.
It is ... only to boomerang
Really, I'm sorry, it is m(_ _)m
As good result was not given, we played without ... anything.
<result announcement>
*6 piece of 512MB
 1 throw eye: 16m40cm
 2 throw eyes: 10m60cm
After all, absurd enlargement of six pieces did not fly in result, 512MB.
But… It is what's called nature of samurai that wants to act rashly more…
In thing called this…
Super huge boomerang appearance!

It is masterpiece which we used memory of 512MB for as for what 16 pieces!
By the way, it is 8.192GB in total.
Well, where does super huge boomerang fly to?
1 up-and-coming throw eye!
Hey? We do not fly at all.
We take heart and challenge 2 throw eyes!
As 1 throw eye have relaxed because of too much size a little,
Next is throw gerudegozaruzo with every effort!
Mercilessly separately!
Super huge boomerang which we built up through hardships…Regrets.
Well, then let's announce result.
…I mean already know result,
There is not meaning even if we do absurd enlargement!
It is not thing when you should increase anything…
Boo hoo hoo
Well, of plan "hi bashitemiyo in memory" which sent for three times in total winding.
Not only processing speed of PC became fast, but also enlargement of appropriate memory reached conclusion to "fly well" when we generalized.
However, in overdoing of enlargement enough being careful.
※When we build more memory of PC, we feel safe when we check memory navigator.

Well, hope that premature start memory becomes official competition taking the opportunity of this…. End
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