In this of memory? Do you want to know? Interesting knowledge & experiment web site ... of ... memory man samurai
Are all trivia of memory not to know? We introduce this humorously! Is it new attempt using memory? Experiment is released of this, too!
Hit memory
Let's see!" It is winding of this
※Memory of this page uses memory which did not pass quality control.
I love memory deeply
Wandering IT engineer "memory man samurai"
Storage device is device necessary for PC,
Besides, may unknown use be hidden?
Based on such a question,
One plan was born!

As for the name,
"Let's try of memory man samurai slightly in various ways"

The memorable first,
Yodogawa riverbed that feels spring
We want to send from this.
Title "let's hit memory!"
Well, this title,
"Let's try of memory man samurai slightly in various ways"
The first that you should memorialize of this.
I memory man samurai
We named this game name.
As for the name,
"Premature start memory
... memory it vanishes large strategy -"

The past all of me is determined to send flying with memory
It is plan to try hard.

Well, let's explain official rule of this game.

1. We throw from starting line three times and assume 1 throw blown off most official record.
2. How to throw is free
3. Uniform is tie wearing to suit
(this is sport of gentleman. Probably…)
<thing to set up>
1. Memory
2. Plastic string (we use as starting line)
3. Major & corn
4. Feeling not to think to be ashamed
As it is dynamic and hits memory,
It is important to leave 200 meters of front.
Furthermore, canola flower field is desirable for the neighbor of game venue.
(as scenery is beautiful and can keep motivation ...)
Well, we play a game and start.
At first, it is start from memory of 256MB!
Well, the first throw eyes which you should memorialize!
Record of 1 throw eye,
It is quite good good record.
We look forward to next.
※We throw really seriously.
We challenge 2 throw eyes!
Record of 2 throw eyes,
We grew!
Distance increased!
Memory man samurai which became slightly fun,
It is challenge to triple throw eyes of the last!
Record of triple throw eyes is what 12m80cm!
In addition, we grew! 
To be interesting; hi budegozaru!
Good record is barrage!
<we announce 256MB memory result>
1 throw eye: 11m40cm
2 throw eyes: 12m10cm
Triple throw eyes: 12m80cm
Memory man samurai who occupied taste in memory of 256MB,
We will throw as the force in 512MB memory!
At the age of elementary school, is it rubber arm of memory man samurai which we forged by the Little League? This
Where is it clear to?
1 throw eye of notable 512MB memory!
Record of 1 throw eye is what 15m80cm!
We record very much once again!
Memory man samurai who increases record whenever we throw.
※We throw really seriously.

Did memory of baseball of elementary school days revive?
2 up-and-coming throw eyes!
Record of 2 throw eyes is 16m30cm!
We grew once again!
※We seem to be persistent, but throw really seriously.
In a good mood memory man samurai,
It is triple throw eyes successively!
Record of triple throw eyes is what 17m30cm!

On earth where do you increase record to?
Memory man samurai!
Such a thing elementary school days,
You may have should work as pitcher!
※Memory man samurai followed left field by the Little League.
<we announce 512MB memory result>
1 throw eye: 15m80cm
2 throw eyes: 16m30cm
Triple throw eyes: 17m30cm
Well, it is this title
"We will hit memory!" We conclude of this.
Memory…We fly well!
When we watch record…
Is 512MB blown off than 256MB well? ?
This thing… By any chance…
In proportion to capacity of memory
When flying distance increases, is it thing? ?

Here I memory man samurai,
We formed two hypotheses.
[hypothesis (1)]
We may fly more if we build more memory.

If this hypothesis is true,
It is new true discovery of memory!
Everybody, please attend historic discovery of memory, too!
In thing called this…This time to here!

This continuance,
Of the next time "does memory which built more fly? Winding of this"
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