In this of memory? Do you want to know? Interesting knowledge & experiment web site ... of ... memory man samurai
Are all trivia of memory not to know? We introduce this humorously! Is it new attempt using memory? Experiment is released of this, too!
We play cards in memory
We will do! Winding of "
※Memory of this page uses memory which did not pass quality control.
Wandering plan very popular last time,
"Let's try of memory man samurai slightly in various ways"
We want to send this time from our secret hiding place.

Okay, it is GO to hiding place!
Helper appearance!
Well, let's introduce my helpers here!
From the left helper one, I, assistant tsu jinsango
(by the way, two is searching)
Discernibly reliable
This plan to carry out with helpers is this↓
Title "will play cards in memory"
Board that shape of memory is light.
That means…There may be the hidden skill called "card game" in memory.
That means…We may play cards if we collect 53 pieces?
In playing cards by such an outstanding flash!
<thing to set up to play cards in memory>
・53 pieces of memory
・ELECOM name Sticker

The name Sticker of ELECOM which printed number of cards beforehand,
We put by one piece on memory carefully.
As it becomes dirty if Sticker protrudes and slips off, Caution is necessary.
※Do not imitate good child.
After having finished putting the name Sticker…
We displayed memory first of all.
Figure that 53 pieces of memory formed a line is grand!
I have already felt sense of accomplishment in helpers, too,
No, here is public performance.
We try to play cards.
At first, we tried royal road "Old Maid" of card game.
We can do it. We can do it!
"Old Maid" is done in memory to be interesting and boils island, and there is!
Were sango, card prepared?
We tried "nervous breakdown" next time.
Figure form that it has the same memory basically. We cannot tell the difference without the name Sticker.
We have nervous breakdowns to be interesting and boil island, and there is!
Finally, we tried standard "7 form a line" of card game.
Memory man samurai wins 3 straight victories!

We did it!
Conclusion of this title "cards shitemiyo in memory"…
In memory cards,
We can do it!
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