In this of memory? Do you want to know? Interesting knowledge & experiment web site ... of ... memory man samurai
Are all trivia of memory not to know? We introduce this humorously! Is it new attempt using memory? Experiment is released of this, too!
We will accumulate! Winding of "
※Memory of this page uses memory which did not pass quality control.
Wandering plan familiar every time,
"Let's try of memory man samurai slightly in various ways"
We want to send this time from our secret hiding place.
Okay, it is GO to hiding place! 
Title is this↓
"We will pile up memory"
Board that shape of memory is light.
That means…It may be interesting when we pile up memory.
It is such an outstanding flash this time,
In piling up memory, and playing!

<pile up three kinds as follows as for how to put up>
・We pile up commonly
・We put up and pile up
・We pile up like cards
At first, we piled up commonly…
※By the way, I, memory man samurai are married.
It is completed somehow!
Although we shake to some extent
It is easy victory to pile up
※Photograph is hiding place.
※By the way, we take 2 corners when "we will play cards in memory".
As it is not so interesting
In what we acquire extremely highly
We repeat with memory as form of △ (triangle).
※Do not imitate good child.
Furthermore, we pile up…
We pile up very much…
※ We started again five times to here.
yo! We were able to do it! Completion!
To be frank, this was considerably difficult.
※Do not imitate good child.
We challenge more difficult one!
Finally, we challenge triangle stacking of cards royal road!
At first, we start from place to make basic form.
※Do not imitate good child.
At first, we try one step eye of strain!
Base is the most important for everything.
I memory man samurai has already approached climactic music.
※We forgot to concentrate on too much, and to take photograph of the second lowest column…(sango of assistant)
The neighborhood of top… It is sweat, or memory man samurai or applicant has.
And… Moment of completion!
If samurai does it, we can do it!
We said this… In fact…
I'm sorry!
We turned off storage device with tape!

Well, it is impossible… As it is too unstable…
We challenged over and over again.
We cried over and over again.

Still…Still…As we were not able to do it, there is…
Really, I'm sorry, it is m(_ _)m
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