Memory enlargement method
In the case of desktop (use model: DELL GX270)
Prior preparations
Necessary thing
●Driver set
(there is model not to need)
●Protest; case
(if we put screw which we took off and can put, we OK anything)
●Manual of PC
Thing which is still convenient if there is
●Electrostatic prevention gloves (we can cut powerful enemy, static electricity of memory)
●Precision screwdriver (to screw which it is hard to take off by normal driver)
It is important here! The electrostatic removal
We touch metal thing by hand including knob of door and will cut static electricity in body. Let alone memory, static electricity is powerful enemy for PC. We might let PC damage. If tools can cut physical static electricity all together, saa will finally start enlargement!
※Explanation photograph does not wear gloves as follows to comment clearly.
Method of enlargement
When work, establish tender cloth on table, and the body is hard to be damaged when, on top of that, perform, convenience jazo.
We take off every cable connected to the body including power cable, LAN cable, cable of keyboard and mouse and open cover of the body.
For more details, we refer to Manual of PC
We confirm position of slot. Then we absorb dust which attached to slot and base using air duster (product splashing dust) or vacuum cleaner.
We confirm position in total and insert recess including simple melody of memory in salient on the slot side slowly.
Must not touch terminal part (metal portion) and IC part including memory simple melody; jazo
With thumb of both hands, we suppress both ends of memory and come in slowly. We confirm whether stopper stops if it can completely come in.
We close cover and connect cables and switch on and confirm whether capacity increases.