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What is memory?
When increase; effect?
How do you choose?
How do you buy?
Can even one do it?
Memory Q&A
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When increase; effect? Build more, do not do, let's compare
"Small desk" and "large desk." We think about each influence to give work
Try to compare two lower illustrations. Size of desk leads to evaluation of person who just works; so.
Work on small desk
Work on large desk
It is the same as this desk and by increasing memory, can move many data at a time and can process various information commencing with video and music fast. Did you know?
By the way, capacity of memory is transcribed in unit called MB (megabyte) and GB (gigabyte) mainly. 1,024MB = 1GB. Forget; do not appear!
Well, let's return talk to memory of PC. If memory is small, what happens?
You have been using PC for many years, and memory is small, and do you know what happens when we are going to use full data? Various evils come to often happen.
We will introduce an example here.
"Speed, * tsu!"
Operating speed of PC falls with gakun.
For example, time suffers from launching software, and opening file plenty. Um, we feel stress.
When when drag file, and move, file has afterimage like photograph; medical care!
"File is not open!"
We do not move and, let alone speed down, do not open out. On startup of software that a large quantity of memory such as video editing is necessary is in particular to watch out. General PC uses 500MB - a little less than 800MB memory in state just after orbit ※. Quantity of memory which added the amount to this when we start software is indispensability tonarudana.
When file is not readily open, and hourglass mark continues appearing; medical care!
※Necessary memory changes by PC environment.
"PC stops!"
So-called "freeze" is guy. Unexpected freeze lets you lose working data. In other words, previous work, trouble make coming to naught. Furthermore, we give the PC body damage, and there is even possibility to lead to serious accident.
When such a thing often happened, we did not stand! jazo which needs early measures Carelessness is our greatest enemy!
We will show time when memory capacity is big and difference when it is small by laboratory finding!
At first, it is investigation that how much time suffers from when memory opens standard (1GB) time and image data in 2GB of the double.
By actually adding capacity of memory, for reason, difference appeared for movement of PC how much or tested "The proof of the pudding is in the eating". otto, it is result gadetayojana ... at last
Condition of memory enlargement test
● Use PC: NEC PC-LL750HG
● The use OS: Windows Vista (TM) Home Premium
● CPU: Intel (R) Celeron (R)M processor, 420 (1.6GHz)
● Method of test: In the PC mentioned above, memory size measures 1GB, processing speed in 2GB each.
Time when we cut 100 pieces of picture files of about 1MB open with image processing software
What and the processing time shorten to about half!
In other words, conclusion is ...
... PC is fast and comes to move smoothly when we build more!
It is large kikushitakunattajarou in memory capacity how?
Then we finally start memory enlargement!
※It is just an example. It varies according to PC environment you have.
"How do you choose next?"