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What is memory?
When increase; effect?
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Memory Q&A
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What is memory? One step of the beginning to understand this
Storage device is certainly essential part to carry out various activities in PC
Words jaga to hear well, "memory" (memory module) are things to use to record contents of various work such as sentence or information to make with computer temporarily.
That means, by increasing capacity (size) that memory can record, can use various software at the same time and is reason that, for example, it is with video, or can process big data such as music quickly.
In other words, it is important parts which greatly control performance of own computer! 
You who want to carry out various activities in PC are certainly intellect tteokanaitoikenaikotojazo! 
Let's see, do you not seem to understand well yet? Then we put "bookshelf" and exchange with "desk"
We will compare to "desk" and "bookshelf" to do function of memory to anyone clearly. In this case it is ...
We are doing job to gather up information while eagle opening various books from bookshelf on soup stock, the desk, and seeing.
If one work is over, we repair book which we used and material which we had in bookshelf.
And ... which starts the next work
It is reason performing thing similar to this with memory, hard disk, CPU!
Tool which material which eagle compiled used for data, material summary is reason to hit application software when we add. Did you understand well?
When is small desk, both materials and book become soggy, and shi izuraijarou.
Then what happens when we open, or let's show concretely in the following page.
Next time when "increase effect"