• We adopt blue light measures lens which is kind to eyes
  • It seems that both hands are usable clearly

Features of magnifying glass hands Free loupe of glasses type


Stack cliff with convex glasses is comfortable, too!

As we can put on from convex glasses, we focus with convex glasses and have how to use called expansion with loupe, too. Frame is hard to hit by wide frame adoption and is comfortable!

  • 33 g of "light weight" that using for a long term is hard to be tired from
  • "Scale factor" that small letter looks like clearly 1.6 times

    As the focal length adopts 1.6 times lens of about 30-40cm, in the case of reading and smartphone operation, it is most suitable. ※There are individual differences in focal length and vanity.


As it is glasses type, both hands are usable! It is most suitable for careful work

  • For sewing craft
  • In smartphone and tablet
  • For work made with model
  • To self-nail

We adopt blue light measures lens which is kind to eyes

Clear lens 42%CUT
Brown lens 54%CUT
What is blue light?

Blue light is blue light included in displays (LED, organic electroluminescence backlight) such as PC or smartphone. It is said that blue light arrives to the depths of eyes and may cause drops of retina function, and there is concern about influence to give eyes.

We cut an average of about 42% of blue lights in the range of 380-500nm!
  • ※It is graph of clear type
  • ※Number based on the company standard
    Measured value may be different in measuring equipment or environment
In the case of "blue light hazard" based on affiliated book C of Japanese Industrial Standards (JIST7333:2005): 22% cut

Two kinds of lenses, please choose three colors of colors to Uses

"Clear lens" most suitable for exact work including reading and work
  • RED
  • BLUE
"Brown lens" most suitable for operation of smartphone and tablet
  • RED
  • BLUE
Care, Contents

As storage case cleaning cross is attached, storing and care are easy.
In addition, we can run from neck when we do not use by attaching strap,
We can fix to head using slide.