It is the weight measurement of baby and pet by 50 grams of units
HELLO (TM) body composition meter compact
  • Baby
    Weight function
  • 50 g
    The unit measurement
  • We get on
    Automatic recognition
  • Backlight
    The deployment
  • The weight
  • Internal organs fat
  • Percent of body fat
  • BMI
  • Skeletal muscle rate
  • Bone mass
  • Basal metabolism

With body composition meter
Body maintenance.

Body of Homo sapiens consists of various organizations,
When greatly classify them; of "bone, body fat (adipose tissue), other organization"
It becomes three (3 component models).
Furthermore, body fat is divided into internal organs fat and other fat (including subcutaneous fat) mainly,
Other organization is divided into skeletal muscle and the internal organs mainly.
With body composition meter other than bone mass and the percent of body fat,
We can measure ratio of accumulation degree and skeletal muscle of internal organs fat.

MovieFeatures of product
Movie introduces

Baby and pet
It is measured in hug
"Baby weight function."

We display the weight that attracted own weight from the weight that we measured with baby and pet. By 50 g of units because can measure, can watch growth of baby and pet finely.

  • Baby
    Hold in your arm
    The measurement
  • Only by oneself
    The measurement
  • Of baby
    We display the weight

Though it is Dimensions which is good at storing
Various instrument configuration.

Compact design

Approximately 23.5cm

Slim & compact design.
Large-scale liquid crystal display which it is easy to see. ※Foot position image in mean foot Dimensions (23.5cm) of woman

  • 50 g of unit measurement

    Measurement data that is more correct as it is measurable to 50 g
    We can take.

  • The backlight deployment

    In dark place
    It is easy to see display
    The backlight deployment.

  • Only get on; automatic recognition

    Even if we do not switch on,
    We distinguish registered user just to get on and measure. We can register to four people

  • We measure skeletal muscle rate

    Muscle (muscular tissue) is divided into skeletal muscle, myocardium, three of smooth muscle (there is to gastrointestinal tracts), and it is "skeletal muscle" to be known as muscle generally. We adopt moderate exercise for everyday life the middle age later and try to consume protein-rich ingredients positively, and let's do physical training.

  • We measure bone mass

    We measure quantity of (including calcium) for mineral included in the physical bone whole. Because bone has role to support body, we measure bone mass with the weight and skeletal muscle (muscle) quantity, and let's aim at health maintenance.

  • We measure basal metabolic rate

    Basal metabolic rate accounts for approximately 70% of total amount of energy on 1st. It is thing which gradually decreases with aging, but custom of exercise can say that becoming is important to lower the drop speed.

  • We measure BMI

    It is index indicating physical manure lean person degree. At first let's know BMI in conjunction with the accumulation degree of body fat.

It is based on MRI measurement data
Of internal organs fat
Volume estimated method adoption.

In comparison with conventional CT method measuring abdominal internal organs fat area from one piece of tomogram of the navel circumference
The MRI measurement measures from tomogram of 24 pieces of tomogram to chest lower ... waist top.
We may connect to improvement of own health conscious by measuring quantity of internal organs fat more exactly.

University-industry research collaboration project | University of Tsukuba X ELECOM

Professor Kiyoji Tanaka

University of Tsukuba Graduate School sports medicine specialty
Book "physical fitness tests of adult"

We engage in study on influence that weight loss gives to health. In book "exercise science" or "Smart diet." We make volume estimate type of internal organs fat level based on MRI measurement data saying that accuracy improves stockpile of internal organs fat that lifestyle-related disease and relations are close by volume evaluation by MRI not area evaluation by conventional CT.

In This product, we adopt the estimated expression concerned, and evaluation of exact internal organs fat level is enabled.

Based on the MRI measurement
We calculate abdominal overall internal organs fat
We adopt volume estimate method.


  • COLOR cherry tree

  • COLOR haze grass

  • COLOR lavender

Measurement data
We manage in exclusive application "HELLO!".

Only input the weight, percent of body fat; of all
It is automatic display in measurement data.

Supported devices: More than iOS 8.0 more than / Android 4.3