case 01

We use mouse outside. SOHO, product for salesmen.

Creator of SOHO which often works in salesman going out on the outside all day or cafe or share office may often work suddenly in whereabouts.
In the same way as PC of office, work should progress one that uses mouse in whereabouts, too. We introduce mouse which is hard to depend on thing and environment that are convenient for carrying around.

case 02

Pretty! But, product for IT girls loving

Even as for the mouse to usually use "IT girl" who sends IT life happily while making Mac and iPhone, iPad a part of the life for, it is Kawai sanikodawaritai. How about pastel color including pink and egg-shaped lovely mouse? As for the warrior IT girl who decorates in Sticker among them, and completes original mouse only for oneself. How do you decorate you?

case 03

Long time PC product for working office staff

Person that long-time office work is daily only chooses mouse which is most suitable for oneself, and work speed improves and can work comfortably even for a long time. On the contrary, as for feeling numbness and pain on hand and shoulder when it is mouse feeling burden……. You including track ball which is operational will find one usable easily at design and finger-tip which it is easy to clench based on ergonomics!

case 04

Product for businessmen who want to work in environment where we can concentrate on

It is operation sound of apparatus that concentration is inhibited when we want to concentrate on in quiet space. Above all, it is click sound of mouse to be interested unexpectedly. There may be many people to be worried about sound "with ticktacks" when thing, oneself operate let alone sound of mouse which person operates. We introduce mouse which is not worried about sound with ticktacks.

case 05

Product for gamers whom operation of instant divides victory or defeat into

Do you not play PC gaming in normal mouse? Even if we charge and are equipped with strong weapon, reaction velocity is slow and cannot readily beat by normal mouse with a few buttons. Recommendation is gaming mouse. It is Features that the speed of reaction velocity and much operation are assigned to mouse button freely. As for the ultimate mouse which can operate two PCs in one mouse among them!