We are controlled in Audio to sleep timer at the time of going to bed by alarm of alarm.
New lifestyle begins by managing Smart speaker.

Waking is refreshing by alarm tone from example speaker using Smart speaker of the day. By regular getting up, we start 1st in the morning. → While listening to radio, is breakfast well. → We check weather forecast before going out! Because it is rainy forecast, let's take folding umbrella from the afternoon. → When we do washing-up, we drain. We operate music in Audio. → We gather information to hear news. He/she tells related information, and, as for the curious keyword, knowledge deepens if we ask speaker. → We check result of sports. At night when team supporting won, good dream seems to be seen. → After having read while playing quiet music, we set alarm at 6:30 tomorrow morning and go to bed.

Let's enjoy Smart life in Wi-Fi Network of ELECOM

Electric wave arrives far! We can communicate ultraspeed!

Connection stable with high sensitive built-in antenna!

Antenna with a built-in high sensitivity that became independent at 5GHz, 2.4GHz each covers the whole house.
Electric wave is hard to break off, and Smart speaker, smartphone, PC are available comfortably.
As the number of the antennas performs lineup of different product, you can choose product according to use environment and number of people.

It is high speed communication in new generation standard "11ac"!

"11ac" is 1Gbps ※New generation standard to realize wireless communication across this.
Super-high-speed Wi-Fi communication is enabled in house.
Furthermore, several apparatuses are available at the same time as amount of information that we can transfer largely improves. (we can use standard 11n/a/g/b/ deployment apparatus conventionally)

※It is value of standard. Real speed depends on environment.

Wi-Fi router keeps Smart life!

The new generation security deployment of "Trend Micro TM technology"

By cooperation in business with Trend Micro Corporation of industry leader class, we add to conventional "block function of vicious site" and are equipped with two kinds of block functions.
Even terminal and household appliances which do not install security software can build security environment.

Furthermore, we can build security environment with terminal duplex block installing security software.

In smartphone as for the setting in Smart

There are two setting methods that ELECOM recommends.
※Setup method varies according to products. For more details, please confirm in Manual attached to product.

Simple setup 3

Of application it is not necessary to install, and can easily set by a minimum period of three steps in smartphone simple substance.
When wireless connection is completed with manual setting to automatically set (WPS method), Web browser starts automatically. Initial setting is completed just to operate according to screen afterward!

Setting simple in exclusive application "QR link"

"QR link" is application that can easily set Wi-Fi connection with router and smartphone tablet. Anyone can easily connect smartphone to Wi-Fi when we have you read QR cord bundled with product by this "QR link" application.
You download application for the OS of errand and can set

  • We are downloaded by App Store
  • Let's obtain in Google Play

Let's choose Wi-Fi ru – ta – which oneself had if we use suma – tosupi – ka –!