"ofutoko" that we have on holiday and want to go out

Though it is simple, it is functional
Bag of off toco which is usually good to errand
In addition to quite popular camera series,
PC series comes up, too.

From standard that is most suitable for easy outing
To high grade to be able to run away with to full-scale trip.
We find off toco which is good to you,
Well, let's go out.

Camera bag which is usually most suitable for errand


  • Backpack / 2 style Camera

    [ofutoko] camera back pack DGB_S041 series

    In favorite clothes, let's go out as soon as we thought.
    We cut down baggage for a night and leave by train with off toco.
    We take liberation-like scenery and are refreshed and are completed!

  • Backpack mini / 2 style Camera

    [ofutoko] camera back pack mini-DGB_S042 series

    We want to carry camera for SNS cutely.
    Mini-Dimensions which is good to such me.
    Stylish photograph is all right; is ippaimoratchao.

  • Messenger / 2 style Camera Bag

    [ofutoko] camera messenger bag DGB-S024 series

    • 2018s
    • 2017a
    • 2016

    Fill bag with cameras
    It is cycling in by bicycle favorite course.
    On seeing miscellaneous goods, go to cafe…Well, let's go where for next.
    Carefreeness to come out as soon as we found interesting thing is just right.

  • Shoulder / 2 style Camera Bag

    [ofutoko] camera shoulder bag DGB-S025 series

    • 2018s
    • 2017a
    • 2016

    When shoulder of just right Dimensions removes belt to go to neighborhood for shooting, it is available as handbag.
    There is fastener pocket which can hold smartphone on the front, and thing which is necessary for slight outing fits clearly.

  • Tote bag

    [ofutoko] camera tote bag DGB-S030 series

    • 2018s

    We go for picnic having camera and a lot of baggage.
    Take a lot of smiles of everybody; and share shichao.
    We are glad that carrying around is easy.

  • Body Bag / 2style Camera Bag

    [ofutoko] camera body bag DGB-S040 series

    • 2018

    Bag always this to park at the time of walk.
    Can take out camera and carrying quickly, too
    We do not miss shutter chance either.
    It is just fit for me!

High-grade model that was equipped with function in 1 rank


  • Backpack High-Grade Model / L-size

    [ofutoko] camera back pack high rank model (L) DGB-S037 series

    • 2018s

    Both machine parts and baggage fully squeeze up in consecutive holidays; and to trip.
    We are not tired even if we walk about a lot though it is heavy,
    Finest usability and functionality.
    Where shall we go to for shooting tomorrow?

  • Backpack High-Grade Model / M-size

    [ofutoko] camera back pack high rank model (M) DGB-S038 series

    • 2018s

    For friend and outing with camera.
    It is favorite to be just right size and multi-function.
    We want to be particular about both photograph and bag.

  • Messenger High-Grade Model

    [ofutoko] camera messenger bag high rank model DGB-S033 series

    • 2018a
    • 2018s
    • 2017b

    If there is even usually one this bag for cycling, it is all right.
    Beautiful rainbow that we took out camera quickly after rain and copied.
    We look forward to the next rest, too.

  • Shoulder High-Grade Model

    [ofutoko] camera shoulder bag high rank model DGB-S034 series

    • 2018a
    • 2017b

    When want to go out with camera casually; this bag.
    Park and mall or snap at favorite place are fun.
    Though they are compact, both storing and performance are perfect.

Accessories goods of Plus one


  • Inner Lens Case

    [ofutoko] inner camera lens case (S/M)DGB-DSL001 / 002 series

    • 2017s

    Let's go for lunch with new lens.
    If one piece of the best comes out, it is improved by SNS.
    We look forward to comment from friend.

  • Inner Camera Box

    [ofutoko] inner camera box (S/M)DGB-S026 / 027 series

    • 2018s

    Put camera in the usual bag.
    Everyday way has a lot of discovery.
    We will invite friend this time.

PC bag of person who is particular about both function and appearance


  • SMART PC BACKPACK / 14.0inch

    [ofutoko] Smart PC backpack (14.0inch)BM-OF03 series

    It is thin so that it is not disturbed with assuming even movement of crowded train and crowd and is slender. When only PC and necessary thing last and go out, it is good.

  • PC Backpack / 3WAY PC Bag

    [ofutoko] PC backpack BM-OF01 series

    For slight business trip to cafe on holiday
    We want to perform carrying out of PC in peace easily.
    Have various way of holding, too; appearance is favorite, too.

It is multi-function more. More active


  • 3WAY PC BackPack

    [ofutoko] PC bag 3WAY high-grade BM-OF02 series

    At the age of business, cycling, outdoor. Because add and the scene, and how to use is changed; always this bag. Because it is large-capacity, we can take for trip.

gochatsuku PC item and gadget clearly



    [ofutoko] sakosshupochi BMA-OF02 series

    We put big bag if we arrive at hotel of destination and we put smartphone and card and wallet in this sakosshu and leave for walk!

  • PC case / 13.3inch

    [ofutoko] PC case (13.3inch)BM-IBOF13 series

    Rest writes blog in cafe and house and
    We enjoy favorite netsurf.
    We forget just time and are devoted.

  • Gadget pouchi / Box type M-size

    [ofutoko] gadget porch /BOX type (M)BMA-OF01 series

    Cable and battery which increase by hobby on holiday all the time.
    We leave a thing by permutation of bag just carelessly and lose and.
    Because we separate this by color in Uses, and permutation is possible together with porch
    Can take & in peace clearly; and great help.