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3WAY PC Backpack

3 way PC bag high rank models

BM-OF02 series

The details are this The details are this

The large-capacity and best functionality to be able to take for consecutive stay trip.

Host function model that is most suitable for trips than 3WAY PC backpack standard. There are raincover and high capacity storing, independent PC storing, too and it is active in outdoor including mountain and can take.

3WAY PC Backpack <br>High-Grade-icon

3WAY PC Backpack <br>High-Grade-icon


  • GRAY
  • Use of combination with gadget porch

    Use of combination with gadget porch

    We repeat, and gadget porch (BMA-OF01) of Sold separately is storable just three.
    We distribute for each peripheral device, stationery, Uses including cosmetics and can use.

  • 3WAY


    Switching of "backpack" "handbag" "messenger" is easily possible.

  • 15.6inch back PC storing

    15.6inch back PC storing

    We can store PC to 15.6inch in the back independently
    ※With documents pocket.

  • Shoulder strap. back storing

    Shoulder strap. back storing

    We can store Shoulder strap. Storing pocket which enters A4 file in mint condition.

  • Lateral storing mouth

    Lateral storing mouth

    The left is ready to carry out independent storing such as bottle or wet folding umbrella in storage space of water-repellent cloth, and, in the right, change of clothes and big thing are available for storing well, too.
    It can be easily opened and closed by steering wheel-type double fastener of magnet clip.

  • Carry bar plug

    Carry bar plug

    We locate carry belt which we can fix to carry bar on the back.

  • Hidden back pocket & card pocket

    Hidden back pocket & card pocket

    We store card in long wallet, Shoulder strap. part under the back, and takeoff is possible immediately even when carrying on the back.

  • Raincover


    By attached raincover stored in base part, things are protected by sudden rain