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Backpack/2 style Camera-img

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Backpack/2 style Camera

Camera back pack

DGB-S041 series

The details are this The details are this

Camera and lens are taken out instantly by both sides ⾯.

Backpack that appearance that we can carry heavy machine parts on our back, and both hands become free is Smart. We secure storage space with full of capacity separately from camera storing department and can carry baggage of excursion degree enough, too. It is usually available as bag of errand when we remove attached kamerainkenakesu.

Backpack/2 style Camera-icon

Backpack/2 style Camera-icon


  • GRAY
  • Carry belt plug

    Carry belt plug

    We locate carry belt which we can fix to carry bar on the back.

  • Back pocket

    Back pocket

    We locate fastener pocket which can hold smartphone on the back without taking down bag.

  • Both sides camera storing mouth

    Both sides camera storing mouth

    We take camera lens out of both sides quickly without taking down bag and are possible.

  • (Front pocket)

    (Front pocket)

    We locate fastener pocket which is available for accessory storing that L-shape can greatly open and close on the front.

  • Card pocket

    Card pocket

    We locate fastener pocket which can hold card in Shoulder strap. part.

  • 14Inch PC storing

    14Inch PC storing

    We locate accessory storage space such as pocket and wallet or plastic bottle for exclusive use of PC to 14Inch.