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Gadget Pouch/Box type/M

Gadget porch BOX type (M)

BMA-OF01 series

The details are this The details are this

With adjustment partition, we support partition of bag finely.

It is easy to see cable and card, AC adapter which are apt to be confused clearly and can arrange.
As we can change to 1,2,3 air chamber using parting strip, storing is possible to Uses freely.

Gadget Pouch/Box type/M-icon

Gadget Pouch/Box type/M-icon


  • GRAY
  • Movable parting strip

    Movable parting strip

    By size of things, it can travel parting strip.

  • Steering wheel-type double fastener

    Steering wheel-type double fastener

    Steering wheel type to be able to take out immediately.
    We can greatly confirm with difference, list in one-touch.

  • Mesh pocket

    Mesh pocket

    Cables are packable.
    We can judge the contents at first sight because it becomes mesh.

  • Use of combination with PC bag

    Use of combination with PC bag

    Just three repeat, and they are packable in PC bag (BM-OF01) of Sold separately.