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Inner Camera Box/S,M

Inner camera box (S/M)

DGB-S027/DGB-S026 series

The details are this The details are this

Inner box to be able to make outside durability into in simple substance.

IN whole in bag of private properties in camera back. In the case of outing, favorite background wants to have both cameras, too. It is inner camera bag which is convenient for such a case. As cover with loop fastener greatly opens, is easy to see the contents; as for the putting in and out of camera and lens easily. There is pocket which can hold smartphone and SD card, cable in the front and the back of the cover and is convenient even if we just have.

Inner Camera Box/S,M-icon

Inner Camera Box/S,M-icon


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  • Steering wheel is with double

    Steering wheel is with double

    As steering wheel is with double, carrying around is possible in box simple substance easily.
    ※It is packable in outside pocket in mint condition.

  • Normal bag to camera bag

    Normal bag to camera bag

    By storing camera box in normal bag, can carry usual bag as camera bag.
    ※Cover which is not destroyed even if thing is placed in the top of box includes.

  • The accommodation is possible compactly

    The accommodation is possible compactly

    Fold case by knocking over board of base, and storing is possible compactly.
    ※There is elastic band for unity.