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Inner Camera Lens Case/S,M

Inner camera lens case (S/M)

DGB-DSL002/DGB-DSL001 series

The details are this The details are this

We can take interchangeable lens casually.

We protect interchangeable lens from shock and dirt and can carry by everyday bag casually. The outside durability is OK in belt-type one which it is with steering wheel and can have lengthwise aside which can coordinate length, too. As we adopt double fastener in drawspan, cover does not interfere, and smooth lens exchange is possible.

Inner Camera Lens Case/S,M-icon

Inner Camera Lens Case/S,M-icon


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  • We adopt belt-type steering wheel

    We adopt belt-type steering wheel

    Have lengthwise aside and adopt belt type steering wheel which can regulate the length of the handle.

  • Heart cushion of 8mm

    Heart cushion of 8mm

    We protect lens with heart cushion of 8mm well. In addition, we use velvet-like cloth which is hard to injure lens inside of case.

  • With movable partition cushion

    With movable partition cushion

    As there is movable partition cushion, it is adjustable to size of lens. We can suppress wobble of lens at the time of storing.