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PC case/13.3inch

PC case (13.3 inches)

BM-IBOF13 series

The details are this The details are this

We carry thing which is necessary for PC work in a mass although being thin.

With 13.3inch PC, complete set is packable from necessary Contents to business necessities in a mass.
There is exclusive pocket which is most suitable for each, and Smart can carry without things interfering.

PC case/13.3inch-icon

PC case/13.3inch-icon


  • GRAY
  • 13.3inch PC storing

    13.3inch PC storing

    PC to 13.3inch is packable.
    We can carry without injuring with tricot cloth.

  • A4 documents storing pocket

    A4 documents storing pocket

    Without bending documents, pocket which we can store is located two.

  • Multi-storage


    We can store thing necessary for hobby and work well.
    It is larger-capacity than appearance.

  • Pocket with back gusset

    Pocket with back gusset

    We can store bulky mouse and adapter because it is with gusset without breaking shape of case.

  • Front L-shaped pocket

    Front L-shaped pocket

    There are exclusive pockets such as smartphone or business card and distributes finely and is packable.

  • Vertical durability steering wheel

    Vertical durability steering wheel

    Vertical style to match backpack.
    We finish having the outside in Smart other than the business.