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Sacoche Pouch


BMA-OF02 series

The details are this The details are this

We transform gusset with button and are minimum to be settled as porch.

We divide small thing into small wallet or Wi-Fi router and, at the time of light whereabouts or shopping in destination, receive.
By putting Shoulder strap. away, is available as gadget porch.

Sacoche Pouch-icon

Sacoche Pouch-icon


  • GRAY
  • Main fastener storing mouth

    Main fastener storing mouth

    Wallet and passport are put easily because it is with gusset and store necessities well although being compact.

  • Front fastener pocket

    Front fastener pocket

    Fixed period and small thing including pen
    It is packable without falling.

  • Simple smartphone pocket

    Simple smartphone pocket

    As for the smartphone to take out frequently in whereabouts,
    Takeoff is easily possible.

  • Thin heteromorphic structure

    Thin heteromorphic structure

    In pinning magnet button of base,
    To thin sakosshu without gusset is deformable.