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Shoulder <br>High-Grade/2 style Camera-img

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High-Grade/2 style Camera

Camera shoulder bag high rank model

DGB-S034 series

The details are this The details are this

Bag which we packed with high function although being small.

Shoulder bag high grade model that was equipped with performance in 1 rank. There is much storing in compact Dimensions which it is easy to take, too and is okay with one this. Remove inner case and is usually convenient for errand.

Shoulder <br>High-Grade/2 style Camera-icon

Shoulder <br>High-Grade/2 style Camera-icon


  • GRAY
  • Camera storing mouth

    Camera storing mouth

    We take out camera lens by upper steering wheel-style double fastener opening and shutting quickly and are possible.

  • Putting on and taking off-type inner case

    Putting on and taking off-type inner case

    When we do not use camera, by removing inner case, is available as normal shoulder bag.
    ※Attached parting strip is adjustable to camera Dimensions.

  • 9.7inch tablet storing

    9.7inch tablet storing

    We can store tablet to 9.7inch in the back independently.

  • Back pocket

    Back pocket

    We locate fastener pocket which can hold smartphone in the back.

  • Shoulder strap. storing

    Shoulder strap. storing

    By excluding Shoulder strap. of hook installation, is available as handbag.

  • Raincover attachment

    Raincover attachment

    Machine parts are protected by sudden rain by covering up attached raincover stored in base part in bag.