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SMART PC Backpack <br>/ 14.0inch-img

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SMART PC Backpack

Smart PC backpack (14.0 inches)

BM-OF03 series

The details are this The details are this

It is super thin and is carrying on our back and does not disturb either.

We gather up one set of necessity of business from Contents necessary for PC work and, with 14.0inch PC, are packable. By exclusive pocket which is most suitable for each storing, accessories do not interfere, and Smart can carry.

SMART PC Backpack <br>/ 14.0inch-icon

SMART PC Backpack <br>/ 14.0inch-icon


  • GRAY
  • 14.0inch PC storing

    14.0inch PC storing

    We can store PC to 14.0inch. We can carry to be similar without injuring with tricot cloth.

  • Use that we checked in the scene

    Use that we checked in the scene

    As it is Smart in backpack very, it is in a state that we carried even train and elevator on our back and can use and we receive Shoulder strap. and can take as purse.

  • A4 documents storing pocket

    A4 documents storing pocket

    Pocket which we can store without bending documents is located two.

  • Shoulder strap. back storing

    Shoulder strap. back storing

    We can store Shoulder strap. Storing pocket which enters A4 file in mint condition.

  • Front L-shaped pocket

    Front L-shaped pocket

    Pocket is divided finely, and PC peripheral devices such as PC battery or mouse are packable, too.

  • Anti-theft hook

    Anti-theft hook

    Prevention of theft can lock PC storing department and fastener of front pocket temporarily.