Body is gradually free well

Home and office, whereabouts
When we felt fatigue incidentally,
Compact warm temperature massage item that cord is &less
In "ekuriarifurion"
We reset disorder and fatigue of body.

80% or more of woman
Of body "get cold" and is realized o

One of three people (32.5%) of working woman
Hypothermia less than 36 degrees.
The blood circulation becomes bad when we leave unattended
In cause of disorder including swelling and fatigue.

  • Stiff shoulder
  • Disorder of the stomach and intestines
  • Swelling
  • Quality of sleepetc...

Warm temperature + sokudan of up to 42 degrees Celsius

We want to take fatigue immediately.
In such a case
Was it immediate in only 1 minute 20 seconds?
Let's warm body slowly and carefully quickly.

  • ※It depends on our examination ※As a result that we stuck environmental temperature 26 degrees Celsius±0.2 degrees Celsius, pad part on copper sheet, and we picked up with insulation material, and heat measured in state that prevented you from escaping
    Temperature change in warm temperature course rating 15 minutes
  • ※Temperature varies according to conditions to be used.

In raising internal temperature※By warm temperature effect of electric heat

  • Promote the blood circulation
  • We take fatigue of muscle
  • We ease muscle stiffness
  • Function of stomach and intestines in smartness

Warm temperature treatment of up to 42 degrees Celsius.
Time when shin katteiruyonahokkori is happy totally comes in hot spring.

POINTPoint of compact warm temperature low frequency treatment container


Warm temperature treatment of up to 42 degrees Celsius

For a feeling of relaxation soaking in hot spring,
As well as stiffness and pain of muscle,
Put on stomach at the time of disorder of the stomach and intestines; and as for the warm temperature treatment.

※Please cure in stomach in warm temperature course.


Warm temperature and low frequency
3 courses to use effectively

1.Warm temperature course
We gradually warm up quickly
2.Low frequency course
Well full-scale massage
3.Warm temperature low frequency course
Alternation treatment every one minute

Frequency & of up to 1,200Hz
Five various modes

Five modes available to stiffness and pain

  • The depths shiatsu
  • Shiatsu
  • Fir tree
  • Concrete facing
  • Entrust you
  • ◯Power supply OFF - power supply ON
  • Low frequency
    The strength and weakness dial
    [strength ten phases adjustment]
    We set favorite strength finely.
  • Low frequency
    Mode selection
    [we pursued hand massage
    Five modes]
    The depths to entrust you practice the finger-pressure treatment and practice the finger-pressure treatment
    Fir tree-bashing
  • By warm temperature treatment of warm temperature treatment up to 42 degrees Celsius
    A feeling of relaxation such as hot spring.

Carrying around is OK anywhere because it can be charged from USB

USB Charge-style cord reply

MOVIEMovie introduces Features of product

MESSAGEWe are available to symptom from three courses

  • Long time smartphone
    Of time when we used
    For neck stiffness.

  • By desk work
    We saved
    For fatigue.

  • Of burden take
    Pain of waist
    For stiffness.

  • Stand; as for the work,
    For cold and swelling
    To tired leg.

  • Of sports
    Of the back
    For muscular pain.

  • Condition of the stomach and intestines
    It is not good
    By the way.

  • It depends on cold
    It is poor in the blood circulation
    When we cannot sleep.

  • It depends on neck stiffness
    Get tired,
    Poor blood circulation
    When we felt.

Low frequency treatment, warm temperature treatment or warm temperature low frequency treatment
Only as for the warm temperature treatment

LINEUPProduct line nap

  • Compact warm temperature low frequency treatment container

    HCM-PH01PN (pink)
    HCM-PH01BU (blue)
  • Gel pad for exclusive use of ekuriarifurion
    (product sold separately)