Super-high-speed Memory Card UHS-I-adaptive SD/microSD simple guide

What is UHS-I?

Will it be in super-high-speed new standard UHS-I?

With UHS-I (Ultra-High SpeedI)
Memory card and UHS-I Supported Devices corresponding to UHS-I
We say up to 104MB/s by using
Much than before higher-speed data transmission
It is standard becoming possible.

※It is Image diagram

What do you do for how to distinguish UHS-I?

How to distinguish SD/microSD corresponding to UHS-I,
Icon which was displayed by the purchase card and memory card.
It supports UHS-I if there are any marks of this.

Merit of UHS-I

Is fast memory card necessary?

Of digital single-lens high-resolution photograph, hi-vision and 4K
Apparatuses handling big data including video increase.
Big data take time for copy or movement
We put away.

We can treat big data quickly!

Therefore memory for UHS-I is super-high-speed
Data transmission is possible! As for the big data of the latest apparatus
We can treat easily.

Super-high-speed transfer

Is there such an experience by high speed consecutive copying?

We solve UHS-I-adaptive SD card of ELECOM!

※As for the apparatus on the taking picture of digital cameras side
 It is necessary to cope with UHS-I standard.

Connection with PC

Transfer to PC is super-high-speed, too! If use UHS-I card, exclusive card reader

Corresponding card reader is recommended to read and write data fast.
It supported next-generation format UHS-II of UHS-I
MR3-A007 series is transferred directly by digital camera
It is about 40 times faster than and can transfer than we do
※At the time of use of UHS-II-adaptive memory card

※As for this application, only the Windows OS is correspondence.
※At the time of use of SDHC UHS-II-adaptive memory card.
※The measurement environment, please see our Web site.

Data support

Even if important data disappear

As data restoration service is with, we are reliable!

Data restoration service does not promise that all data completely restore.

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