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Female oriented product
We pick up pretty female oriented product by fashion of ELECOM Logitec!

We look for from product

PC peripheral device connection AV, digital gadget connection
USB memory
SD memory card
Memory card reader
USB hub
Numeric keypad
WEB camera/headset
Carrying bag/inner bag
Cleaning article
Mouse pad
HDMI cable
FM transmitter
Voice recorder
Electronic dictionary case
Digital camera case
Video camera case



Stereo headphones "Sundries GUM&Colors"

Electronic dictionary case "Dict.fem" recommended to employment new entrance to school

Cake and doughnut-shaped "sweets & burger cleaner"

PC and AC Adapter other; subbag "Betsumo" which finishes lasting

Headphones "EAR DROPS TIARA" for woman
Headphones of pink color that is popular among women. You can choose favorite pinkness.

USB memory

“ Stylo which is cute with LUIRE and casual reflecting the image of lip gloss
Love Heart
Mouse pad
Pretty heart-shaped mouse pad to be able to choose from six colors recommended to woman who uses, and is pleasant
Digital camera case
You can enjoy coordinates with favorite fashion-style.

Collaboration product with Francfranc
Stereo headphones

Collaboration rate product with interior brand "Francfranc."

Eye. hakobu
≫As for the ELECOM CO., LTD., hosted by WDLC; "eye support hakobu" campaign.