d2 Thunderbolt3 6TB

d2 Thunderbolt32GGAP1

It supports "Thunderbolt(TM)3" realizing high-speed data transfer which is most suitable for the broadcast industry, the Video production spot. "LaCie d2 Thunderbolt3" which realizes data-transfer velocity of a maximum of 240MB/s, and does not choose setting place with compact.


    Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
    2GGAP1 3660619401567
    6TB Open price Under the release
    2GGAP2 3660619401550
    8TB Open price Under the release
    2GGAP3 3660619401543
    10TB Open price Under the release

      Features of product

          • It is "LaCie d2 Thunderbolt3" corresponding to "Thunderbolt3" realizing high-speed data transfer which is most suitable for the broadcast industry, the Video production spot.
          • We realize data transfer of a maximum of 240MB/s in correspondence with Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3.1 through USB Type-C port.
          • It is compact Dimensions which does not choose setting place.
          • Using USB Type-C (Thunderbolt 3 or USB 3.1) port, it supports Power Delivery which can charge compatible note PC.
          • ※It supplies a maximum of 15W to compatible note PC.
          • It carries two Thunderbolt 3 ports, and six peripheral devices in total are available for daisy chain connection. Among six, as for two 4K displays, as for one 5K display, up to six connection is available for LaCie d2 drive.
          • By purchasing pure Converter cable in Apple store, even Mac equipped with Thunderbolt and Thunderbolt 2 port is available.
          • For drive, Seagate (R) BarraCuda(R) Pro enterprise class drive to provide superior reliability and performance is equipped with.
          • Case made from one piece of aluminum board provides prominent rigidity and realizes the long-term durability.
          • We keep away drive from heat by case made of silent fan and heat dissipation type aluminum and always realize certain movement at high speed.
          • We offer guarantee for product five years when can be chosen in peace.


          LaCie model number STFY6000400
          ELECOM model number 2GGAP1
          Supported PCs It is Thunderbolt3, USB-C, Apple Mac series equipped with either port of USB-A or PC by default
          Supported OS macOS 10.13, 10.12, Mac OS X 10.11, 10.10, 10.9/Windows10, 8.1, 7
          Dimensions: 60mm in width X depth 217 X 130mm in height
          The number of the drives 1:
          Capacity 6TB
          Number of revolutions 7200rpm
          Interface ・Thunderbolt3 X 2, USB3.1 X 1
          Input Voltage 100V, 50/60 Hz (AC Adapter)
          Connector type: ・Thunderbolt3 X 2, USB3.1 X 1
          RAID function Unavailable
          Security slot Unavailable
          We format at the time of shipment HFS+
          Cooling FAN
          Access LED
          RoHS order
          Accessories: Thunderbolt3 cable X 1, USB3.1 cable X 1, USB3.1 (C to A) Converter cable X 1, QSG X 1
          Available area As This product assumes power supply in Japan and is inspected, it may not be available out of Japan.
          The electrical equipment security method PSE mark indication
          Term of a guarantee Five years
          Weight About 1.3 kg
          Attached utility LaCie Backup Assistant (Mac)
          Environmental consideration matter RoHS correspondence
          Others ※3 pin plugs are adopted to power cable of This product and cannot be connected to outlet of 2 pins of general family directly. Appropriate ground is connected, and please use power supply tap corresponding to adapter converting 3 pins into 2 pins and 3 pins after the purchase separately.

          The latest correspondence information of this product is this

          • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.