Animal design Silicone case


We want to carry by cute short hands and feet carelessly! AirPods transforms itself into animal and is Silicone case for AirPods to protect from wound and shock.


    Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
    AVA-APSCANBEA 4549550156929
    White bear Open price Under the release
    AVA-APSCANCATB 4549550156936
    Black cat Open price Under the release
    AVA-APSCANCATW 4549550156943
    White cat Open price Under the release
    AVA-APSCANDOG 4549550156950
    Japanese midget Shiba Open price Under the release
    AVA-APSCANPIG 4549550156974
    Pig Open price Under the release
    AVA-APSCANRAB 4549550156981
    Rabbit Open price Under the release

      Features of product

          Silicone case of animal design

          It is Silicone case for AirPods of animal design corresponding to both models of Wireless Charging Case and Charging Case.

          We protect from wound and shock

          Case of animal made of soft Silicone protects AirPods from wound and shock.

          Design sheet to image of animal

          It is attached with design sheet to image of animal. When we put on wireless battery charger of horizontal placing and use, we can enjoy view of the world of small animal.

          It is rechargeable with putting on

          Wireless Charge or Charge with Lightning cable is possible with putting on case.

          ※There is cable which we cannot connect depending on shape.
          ※Product of image is AVA-APSCANPIG (pig).

          Case and built-in connector cap

          Case and built-in tail type connector cap protect Lightning terminal part.

          We can confirm indicator lamp

          We can confirm from the outside when it turns on as indicator lamp part becomes film.

          ※Product of image is AVA-APSCANPIG (pig).

          Back RESET button supports both models

          Back RESET button supports both models.

          ※Product of image is AVA-APSCANPIG (pig).


          Supported devices: AirPods (2019 release model/wireless Charge-adaptive type), AirPods (2016 release model)
          Set contents Case X 1, square sheet X 1, circle sheet X 1
          Materials: Case: Silicone, seat: Paper
          Color: White bear
          • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.