Wet cleaning tissues for iPad


Non-alcoholic type that can clean iPad in peace! Wet cleaning tissues for iPad which can remove dirt of LCD screen of iPad well just to wipe easily.


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    AVA-WCDP15P 4953103246348
    240 yen (tax-excluded)
    264 yen (tax-included)
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      Features of product

          ● It is most suitable for sensitive iPad! Liquid crystalline cleaner (Wet cleaning tissues) for iPad

          Woven cloth that uses microfiber. Excellent wiping ability for removing dirt.It is liquid crystalline cleaner Wet cleaning tissues for iPad. As we just wipe off easily without adding pressure and can remove dust and dirts such as fingerprints which screen of iPad got well, we can care for in peace without damaging screen.

          Furthermore, as it is non-alcoholic type, there is little stimulation to screen and can use even screen of sensitive iPad in peace. With drop of water as wipe, and sign is hard to remain, and clear can finish screen, can always keep iPad neatly.


          Primary component: Purified water, surfactant, Antiseptic
          Materials: Acrylic microfiber cloth
          Dimensions: 140*150mm ※Around one piece of basis cloth
          Sheet count: 15 pieces

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