Premium stainless steel band for 40/38 millimeter of apple watch

AW-38BDSS3 series AW-38BDSS3BK

Even business scene is usable widely in the formal scene. Stainless steel band for Apple Watch 40/38 mm that we adopted stainless steel with beautiful glossiness and finished elegantly although being orthodox.


    Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
    AW-38BDSS3BK 4953103358614
    < Black > Open price Under the release
    AW-38BDSS3SV 4953103358638
    〈 Silver 〉 Open price Under the release

      Features of product

          Design which just matches feel of a material of the Apple Watch body. Beautiful stainless steel band.

          It is male oriented Apple Watch Series 5, 4 [40mm], Apple Watch Series 3, 2, stainless steel band for 1 [38mm] which are easy to coordinate with orthodox style. We can strongly use stainless steel band for water and sweat in long time.

          • AW-38BDSS3BK
            < Black >

          • AW-38BDSS3GD
            <pink gold>

          • AW-38BDSS3SV
            〈 Silver 〉

          Band where glossiness of stainless steel is elegant

          Let alone errand, glossiness of stainless steel which is usable widely to the formal scenes of wedding ceremony or party is usually elegant band. It is the Apple Watch body color and Black matching.

          Three type style characterized by high solidity

          Shape that arranged tops of stainless steel innocence to three lines of side is three typestyles characterized by high solidity adopted with major clock maker.

          ※Stainless steel no dirt [turn] is state that top 1pcs becomes lump of metal (stainless steel). We are superior in the durability because it is lump.

          Original shape that does not see screw, and is hard to deviate from the outside

          Rug part to connect Apple Watch and belt to is original shape that it is hard to come off without seeing screw from the outside.

          Fold three; push type

          Break three to attach clasp in state that the whole band led to by folding; push-type. When we take off, we push push button of the side and take off.

          With adjustment tool

          Adjustment tool to regulate the length of the band includes.

          Operation is possible with putting on

          Confirmation of LCD screen, operation of the body, various button grabbing, setting to genuine magnetic Charge cable are possible with attaching band to Apple Watch.


          Supported devices: Apple Watch Series 5, 4 [40mm], Apple Watch Series 3, 2, 1 [38mm]
          Set contents Band X 1, adjustment tool X 1
          Materials: The band body: Stainless steel
          Color: < Black >
          Band Dimensions 145-195mm ※Dimensions of attachable wrist
          • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.