Entering full cover Film/shock absorption/two pieces/Glossy for Apple Watch 42mm


Extremity design to protect to the edge of screen without spoiling design of terminal. Full cover Film of super shock absorption type to protect Apple Watch Series 3, 2 [42mm] from shock by 3D design along curved surface.


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      Features of product

      • Bubble-less
        Bubble which entered disappears 24 hours later

        When we put, bubble is hard to enter and when we enter, bubble is broken up with passage of time and becomes inconspicuous. In addition, we take in small dust, and bubble is not left to screen.

        We take in small dust, and bubble is not left to screen
        Bubble is broken up, and bubble disappears!
      • High gloss
        We see photograph, video neatly

        For high light transmittance, it is translucency not to harm image quality. It shows color of photograph and video neatly.

        High Gloss Finish
      • Anti-fingerprint
        There is hard to be fingerprint and can easily wipe off

        When there is hard to be, and fingerprint is left by anti-fingerprint processing of the Film surface, we can easily wipe off. Even if we are involved and operate, fingerprint becomes hard to be outstanding.

        Anti-fingerprint processing
      • Shock absorption
        It absorbs shock from the outside

        Film of special structure absorbs shock and is Shock Absorbing Film protecting LCD screen from wound and dirt.

        Glass is not broken even if we let iron ball of 150g fall over H of 100cm
      • Half cut
        Pasting up of Film is easy

        Pasting up of Film is easily possible because we adopt half sheet film.

      • Entering two pieces

        Advantageous entering two pieces type

        As it is entering two pieces, by putting even if damaged, and doing substitute, can keep LCD screen neatly for a long time.

      • Full cover

        We protect the whole LCD screen

        We can protect to curved surface of the edge of LCD screen.

      • It is Apple Watch Series 3 to protect from shock without spoiling design of terminal by 3D design along curved surface of screen, full cover Film for 2 [42mm].
      • Do not put Film at all without following curved section, and being able to protect to the edge of screen by adopting very tender urethane material, and spoiling Apple Watch's original design; is finished.
      • It is extremity design to protect to the edge of screen.
      • By complete transparent type without frame, we do not spoil design of the body.
      • It is High gloss type to show outline of image by shiny High gloss processing clearly.
      • It is airless type that adopted special adsorption layer that bubble is not outstanding with passage of time.
      • When small bubble was made, we can pull bubble by pushing with attached spatula.
      • By experiment to drop iron ball of 150g from H of 100cm to glass, This product resulted in protecting screen whereas screen was damaged in Other conventional products. ※Based on ELECOM test results
      • ※From hard ball drop test result (ability level) to glass by us. It is an ability value and is not a guaranteed value.
      • We give anti-fingerprint coating that there interferes with being in fingerprint dirt.
      • It is advantageous entering two pieces which puts even if damaged, and is exchanged.


      Supported devices: Apple Watch Series 3, 2 [42mm]
      Set contents Round correspondence urethane Film (shock absorption High gloss Specifications) X 2, Dust removal sticker X 1, cleaning cross X 1, spatula X 1
      Materials: Application side: Silicone, the outside: Polyurethane

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