Luxury stainless steel band for 44/42 millimeter of apple watch


We designed stainless steel which shined black with Glossy in shape with "D" of the alphabet as motif. Stainless steel band for convenient Apple Watch 44/42 mm that is tool-free, and can coordinate length.


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      Features of product

          Stainless steel band which adopted air permeable good D form design at light weight

          Top of part near the Apple Watch body is lighter than three conventional bands where "D" of the alphabet was designed by motif and is convenient Apple Watch Series 5, 4 [44mm], Apple Watch Series 3, 2, stainless steel band for 1 [42mm] where it is tool-free and can adjust length to. It is the Apple Watch body color and Black matching. Dimensions and silver with different colors are bands which are most suitable for gift which created "matching feeling" that is not direct.

          It is available for water and sweat in strongly long time

          We can strongly use stainless steel band for water and sweat in long time.

          Design full of originality

          Shape with "D" of the alphabet as motif and stainless steel shining black with Glossy are designs full of originality that there is not elsewhere.

          Rag part is hard to come off without seeing screw from the outside

          Rug part to connect Apple Watch and belt to is original shape that it is hard to come off without seeing screw from the outside.

          Operation is possible with putting on belt

          Confirmation of LCD screen, operation of the body, various button grabbing, setting to genuine magnetic Charge cable are possible with attaching band to Apple Watch.

          Adjustment of length is easily possible

          As one one becomes buckle as for the top (band parts) of band central part, adjustment tool is unnecessary, and adjustment of length is easily possible.

          Wearing method, length adjustment method to skill in band

          You raise buckle of band parts and take off band parts, and please attach to arm.

          ※We can remove buckle from any part in band parts.

          When you regulate the length of the band, you remove parts to thickness of wrist, and please put buckle again again.

          ※Each part which we removed at the time of adjustment, please be careful not to be lost.
          ※In state that attached Apple Watch, please do not perform length adjustment.
          ※We cannot remove D form parts.


          Supported devices: Apple Watch Series 5, 4 [44mm], Apple Watch Series 3, 2, 1 [42mm]
          Set contents Band X 1
          Materials: The band body: Stainless steel
          Color: < Black >
          Band Dimensions 105-195mm ※Dimensions of attachable wrist

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