PC backpack (high-performance type)

BM-BP03 series BM-BP03BK

PC backpack of 3 air chamber structure that secured storage space that was most suitable for every baggage, and had high list of characteristics and storing characteristics.


    Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
    BM-BP03BK 4953103297418
    < Black > 16,000 yen (tax-excluded)
    17,600 yen (tax-included)
    Under the release

      Features of product

          3 air chamber structure to provide storage space that is most suitable for every baggage

          3 air chamber structure that was divided into main room, gadget room, PC & document room.
          It is high-performance backpack which secured storage space that is most suitable for every baggage.

          • BM-BP03BK

          • BM-BP03GY

          1, PC & document room

          We can store greatly flat things such as PC to 16.4 ", tablet to 12.0", documents to A4. It comprises dock for exclusive use of PC superior in cushion characteristics.

          2, gadget room

          We can receive gadgets that are apt to be bulky in a mass small. We can take out immediately even if we do not fish in bag.

          3, main room

          By wide difference-type storing mouth, we balance high list of characteristics and storing characteristics. Inside of cover, it comprises Mesh pocket and waterproofing pocket for subdivision.

          Cushioning pad made of EVA

          We adopted molding cushioning pad which reduced burden to back.

          Raincover incorporation

          Exclusive pocket of base has raincover built-in and can cope with sudden rain immediately.

          Side pocket

          We can put baggage in and out without taking down bag. It is Dimensions which long wallet which is apt to be bulky is just delivered to.

          Chest belt

          We raise bag and a physical sense of unity, and even long-time movement is hard to be tiring and is adjustable in favorite position.

          It is cushioning material to steering wheel part

          We use cushioning material reducing burden to hand for steering wheel part.

          Fastener which it is easy to open and close

          We adopt handle which we fit finger to fastener part and are easy to open and close.


          Bag type Rucksack
          Dimensions: yakufuku 330 X depth 160 X H 510(mm) ※We remove protrusion
          Department in PC storing size yakufuku 250 X depth 35 X H 400(mm)
          Pocket (front area): Accessory case pocket X 1
          Pocket (the side) Accessory case pocket X 2
          Pocket (the air chamber) PC pocket X 1, tablet pocket X 1, device pocket X 6, accessory case pocket X 2, pocket X 2 with fastener, document pocket X 1
          Color: < Black >
          Materials: front surface: The polyester inside: Polyester
          Weight : About 1,170 (g)

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