BEATTEX inner bag

BM-IBBX13 series BM-IBBX13BK

We are strong in abrasion, tear! Inner bag using cloth for super tough BEATTEX nylon.


    Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
    BM-IBBX13BK 4953103323469
    < Black > 7,090 yen (tax-excluded)
    7,799 yen (tax-included)
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      Features of product

          Inner bag using cloth for super tough BEATTEX® nylon

          It is inner bag using cloth for super tough BEATTEX® nylon resisting abrasion, tear.

          • BM-IBBX13BE

          • BM-IBBX13BK
            < Black >

          • BM-IBBX13YL

          Accessory case pocket

          Front pocket which we subdivide gadget or cables such as Mobile routers and can store is on.

          We adopt raised material

          In the bag inside, we adopt raising material that is hard to hurt PC main unit at the time of putting in and out.

          Flap type

          It is flap type that we can easily open and close with loop fastener.

          We can store PC to 13.3 inches

          We can store PC to 13.3 inches.


          The outside size yakufuku 370 X thickness 25 X H 250(mm)
          Internal Dimensions yakufuku 315 X thickness 40 X H 235(mm) ※Reference Storage Dimension:
          Weight About 182 (g)
          Materials: The body: Nylon
          Color: < Black >
          Correspondence model ... 13.3 inches notebook PC ※Dimensions of 14 inches can be stored by bezel fuku of monitor, too. As you may not cope depending on model, please buy after checking Dimensions of the PC body.
          (Front pocket) Accessory pocket X 4

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