"off toco" Smart PC backpack

BM-OF03 series BM-OF03BK

We have on holiday and want to go out. Stylish thin PC backpack "off toco" which can carry thing which is necessary for PC work in a mass of 14 inches.



Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
BM-OF03BK 4549550102667
< Black > 9,760 yen (tax-excluded)
10,736 yen (tax-included)
Under the release
BM-OF03GY 4549550102674
Gray 9,760 yen (tax-excluded)
10,736 yen (tax-included)
Under the release
BM-OF03NV 4549550102681
Navy 9,760 yen (tax-excluded)
10,736 yen (tax-included)
Under the release

    Features of product

        Thin PC backpack "off toco" which is Smart of 14 inches

        It is slender thin PC backpack "off toco" which can carry one set of necessity of business from Contents necessary for PC work in a mass of 14 inches.

        • BM-OF03BK
          < Black >

        • BM-OF03GY

        • BM-OF03NV

        14.0inch PC storing

        We can store PC to 14.0 inches. We use tricot cloth and can carry without injuring.

        A4 documents storing pocket

        We locate pocket which we can store without bending documents of A4 Dimensions in two places.

        Front L-shaped pocket

        The front is accompanied by L-shape pocket which PC peripheral devices such as difference, PC battery or mouse can greatly receive.

        Shoulder strap. back storing

        There is back pocket which can hold Shoulder strap. In mint condition, it is available as storing pocket which documents of A4 Dimensions enter.

        Handbag switching

        We are equipped with vertical double steering wheel which finishes lasting and we store Shoulder strap. and can take as handbag.

        Back fastener pocket

        We can store long wallets, and there is back fastener pocket which we can take out immediately even when carrying on the back.

        Anti-theft hook

        There is anti-theft hook which can lock PC storing department and fastener of Front pocket temporarily.

        Full-scale Water repellent

        We give the whole surface cloth Water repellent.

        ※We do not completely prevent invasion of water to the inside.

        Fastener metal fittings of ring bridge

        We adopt fastener metal fittings of ring bridge and can submit padlocks to prevention of theft.

        Interior color that things are easy to look at

        We adopt bright color that things are easy to look at in interior color.


        The outside size 295mm in width X 50mm in depth X 410mm in height ※We do not include steering wheel Shoulder strap. part
        Reference Storage Dimension: Department in PC storing size: 265mm in width X 20mm in depth X 330mm in height
        The number of pockets Main storage space (the inside: PC storage space X 1, documents pocket X 2), front storage space (the inside: temporarily pocket X 3), the hidden back storing pocket X 1, Shoulder strap. back storage space X 1
        Color: < Black >
        Materials: front surface: Polyester (water repellency), [the back side] polyester
        Weight About 635 g

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        • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.