BUNP_ sports & business backpack

BM-SBBP01 series BM-SBBP01NV

It is most suitable for work return to go to sporting house. Sports & business backpack "BUNP" (vamp) to store business article and sporting goods separately, and to be able to take in a mass.


    Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
    BM-SBBP01BK 4549550121798
    < Black > 22,800 yen (tax-excluded)
    25,080 yen (tax-included)
    The end of the sale
    BM-SBBP01NV 4549550121804
    Navy 22,800 yen (tax-excluded)
    25,080 yen (tax-included)
    The end of the sale

      Features of product

          Sports & business backpack which we can store business article and sporting goods in separately

          We store business article and sporting goods separately and are sports & business backpack "BUNP" (vamp) to be able to take in a mass.

          2Way access type

          Sporting goods storing department is 2Way access type that front part greatly opens sideways other than upper opening.

          We can store bulky baggage in a mass

          Sportswear case and shoes case are attached and can store bulky baggage in a mass.
          To sportswear case, we gather up training suit and socks, body towel, bath towel and can store shoes to Dimensions around 28cm in shoes case.

          We take exclusive case out of the side and are possible

          Exclusive case puts on 2 steps and can store in backpack and it is in a state that we were able to enter lockers and can take out exclusive case from side. We are accompanied by fixation clasp which there is so that case of the upper section does not fall even if we take out exclusive case of the lower berth.

          With strong steering wheel

          The backpack side has strong steering wheel which is easy to draw out backpack from locker.

          With convenient accessory pocket

          On the front department side, storing such as Mesh pocket which is convenient for storing of plastic bottle and water bottle and shampoo or body soap is accompanied by convenient accessory pocket.

          The upper part storing department pocket

          There is pocket which can hold thin thing including smartphone and handkerchief in the upper opening inside.

          It is packable in business article storing part in a mass

          We can receive notebook PC to 15.6 inches and tablet to 12.9 inches, and, in business article storing department, A4 file/notebook or writing utensils, gadget are packable in exclusive pocket with cushion in a mass, too.

          Back part fastener pocket

          There is fastener pocket which long wallets can hold in the back.

          Both shoulders part fastener pocket

          Both shoulders part has fastener pocket which is convenient for storing such as member's card or IC card of sporting house.

          Carry belt

          We locate carry belt which we can fix to carry bar.

          Chest belt

          We reduce burden to depend on, and we can stably carry without slipping down even if bag becomes heavy, but there is.

          We are water-repellent finished by the whole surface cloth

          We give the whole surface cloth Water repellent and flip water. In addition, we adopt still water fastener preventing water getting wet from cloth for fastener part.

          ※We do not completely prevent invasion of water to the inside.


          Bag type Backpack
          The number of the air chambers 2 air chambers
          Dimensions: The bag body: yakufuku 325 X depth 200 X H 450 (mm) ※We do not include Toride, Shoulder strap.
          Dimensions: Shoes Case: yakufuku 320 X depth 125 X H 210 (mm) ※Do not include Toride, sportswear Case: yakufuku 250 X depth 125 X H 210 (mm) ※We do not include Toride
          Reference Storage Dimension: The bag body Internal Dimensions (at the time of case disassembly): yakufuku 320 X depth 125 X H 430(mm)
          Reference Storage Dimension: Shoes Case Internal Dimensions: yakufuku 310 X depth 110 X H 200(mm), sportswear Case Internal Dimensions: yakufuku 230 X depth 100 X H 200 (mm), department in PC storing size (... 15.6inch): yakufuku 380 X depth 25 X H 260 (mm), department in tablet storing size (... 12.9inch): yakufuku 280 X depth 5.9 X H 215 (mm)
          Color: Navy
          Materials: The bag body: [the surface] polyester (Water repellent), [the back side] polyester, sportswear/shoes Case: [the surface] polyester, [the back side] polyester
          Weight The bag body: About 1,490 g, sportswear case: About 240 g, shoes case: About 300 g

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