Mobile printer storing carrying bag

BM-SE04 series BM-SE04BK

We carry Mobile printer and notebook PC together carefully! Mobile printer storing carrying bag with security feature.


    Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
    BM-SE04BK 4953103217683
    11,000 yen (tax-excluded)
    12,100 yen (tax-included)
    Under the release

      Features of product

          We can store notebook PC and Mobile printer and are carrying bag of 2WAY double type with security capability such as theft, luggage thief prevention. Printout is most suitable for to be necessary in business trip destination and business, the place where one go to including the spot while carrying notebook PC with personal information and classified information.

          ● We can carry notebook PC and Mobile printer of 16.4 inches of wide Dimensions at the same time!

          Storage space is divided into two and can store notebook PC or documents in another with Mobile printer in one. It is most suitable for business trips in high capacity.

          ■Notebook PC storing department
          We can store notebook PC (A4L wide) of 16.4 inches of wide Dimensions in notebook PC storing department. In addition, we are equipped with PC pocket protecting the PC body from shock and pocket with fastener which is convenient for rearranging of accessory.
          ※We may not store even 16.4 inches of wide Dimensions notebook PCs by model.

          Carrying bag correspondence list is this

          ■Mobile printer storing department    
          Mobile printer case using cushion material which protects convenient printer from shock when we store Mobile printer is attached. Furthermore, accessories case is attached to store cable of printer and spare cartridge and can receive Contents clearly, too.   ▼Internal Dimensions
          Printer storing department fuku 390 X depth 90 X 290mm in height
          Attached inner case fuku 345 X depth 85 X 200mm in height
          Attached accessories porch fuku 345 X depth 75 X 95mm in height

          ■Front pocket
          We equip front pocket of the front part of bag with pocket, penholder grip that are convenient for storing of cell-phone and portable audio player.

          ● The security capability deployment of relief to show power for theft measures

          It carries security feature of relief to prevent theft or luggage thief. We are equipped with zipper lock so that bag is not opened without permission and prevent theft of things such as notebook PCs. The small pocket inside of the front desk can prevent luggage thief for wire lock being equipped with, and fixing bag to seat.
          We do not have to worry to lose key in dial-type one where is key-free with lock method.


          ● With trolley hold facility

          We are equipped with "trolley hold facility" that we can fix to steering wheel part of trolley bag to be able to carry with trolley bag to use for business trips.

          ● With Shoulder strap.

          Removable Shoulder strap. is attached, and even shawl becomes 2WAY type that even brief bag can use.


          Bag type Casual bag
          Carrying around type 2WAY (shoulder + handbag)
          The main material type Cloth (polyester)
          The number of the air chambers 2 air chambers
          Dimensions: The bag body: 420mm in width X 180mm in depth X 320mm in height ※Do not include Toride, attached inner case: 350mm in width X 90mm in depth X 220mm in height, attached accessories porch: 350mm in width X 80mm in depth X 100mm in height
          Internal Dimensions The bag body: 390mm in width X 65mm in depth X 290mm in height, 390mm in width X 90mm in depth X 290mm in height, attached inner case: 345mm in width X 85mm in depth X 200mm in height, attached accessories porch: 345mm in width X 75mm in depth X 95mm in height
          Department in PC storing size 385mm in width X 45mm in depth X 280mm in height ※The internal dimensions of the storage space may differ from the external dimensions of a PC that is able to fit in this bag. For more details, please confirm in corresponding table of ELECOM homepage.
          Lock function In PC storing department dial lock (three digits)
          Color: < Black >
          Materials: Polyester
          Weight : The bag body: 1,100 g ※Shoulder strap. which removes Contents: 160 g
          Accessories: Inner case X 1, accessories porch X 1, Shoulder strap. X 1
          Pocket (front area): Pocket X 2 with fastener, penholder grip X 3, security wire lock X 1
          Pocket (the air chamber) Pocket X 2 with fastener, opening pocket X 1
          Shoulder strap. Putting on and taking off type (length: 900mm - 1,320mm)
          Enhanced function X

          The latest correspondence information of this product is this

          • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.