Security bag "ESCODE" (shoulder porch)


The rear is not interested anymore. Crime prevention bag "ESCODE" (S cord) of shoulder porch type that adopted cloth for blade-proof to protect from flap mechanism that fastener was not exposed to outside and threats such as cutters in heart.



Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
BMA-ESSC01BK 4549550116237
〈 Night black 〉 6,200 yen (tax-excluded)
6,820 yen (tax-included)
Under the release
BMA-ESSC01GN 4549550116244
Ashe green 6,200 yen (tax-excluded)
6,820 yen (tax-included)
It is limited to stock
BMA-ESSC01NV 4549550116251
Smoked navy 6,200 yen (tax-excluded)
6,820 yen (tax-included)
It is limited to stock

    Features of product

        Shoulder porch type of security bag "ESCODE" (S cord) protecting things by the high security nature

        It is shoulder porch type of security bag "ESCODE" (S cord) protecting things by the high security nature.

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        The outside is tough during lissomeness

        We use blade-proof sheet which interwove super high density polyethylene and fiberglass for heart and protect things from threats such as cutters.

        The rear is not interested anymore

        As it is in structure that all the storing mouths to main room are covered in flap, and fastener is not exposed outside, it is anti-theft design that is not opened from behind with carrying on the back.

        To every thing ringside

        By turning up upper flap back, main room can open and close main room comfortably. There are fastener pocket and accessory storing pocket which are convenient for storing of accessory inward.

        Double fastener of ring bridge

        We adopt double fastener of ring bridge in main room and we put ring on top of one another and can submit padlocks to prevention of theft.

        ※Padlock is not attached.

        Back pocket

        There is fastener pocket which can hold thing which we want to take out immediately in the back.

        Shoulder strap. which is available for length adjustment

        Shoulder strap. is available for length adjustment.

        Water repellent

        We make Water repellent on the surface cloth.

        ※We do not completely prevent invasion of water to the inside.

        Interior color that things are easy to look at

        It is easy to look at things for drab intermediate color, interior to melt into town messenger to dress material and adopts one point and lime yellow that it is.


        Bag type Shoulder porch
        The number of the air chambers 1 air chamber
        Dimensions: yakufuku 320 X depth 105 X H 190 (mm) ※We do not include Shoulder strap.
        The number of pockets Main storing department (the inside: fastener pocket X 1, accessory pocket X 2), the back fastener pocket X 1
        Color: 〈 Night black 〉
        Materials: Materials: Polyester
        Weight : About 270 g

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