Multi-storing porch (soft type)

BMA-GP12 series BMA-GP12BK

We cope with large-scale gadget with thickness! Multi-storing porch of software type that article which is thick with elasticized expensive stretch cloth is packable in.


    Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
    BMA-GP12BK 4953103307186
    < Black > 2,640 yen (tax-excluded)
    2,904 yen (tax-included)
    Under the release

      Features of product

          Multi-storing porch of soft type

          Gadget with thickness is multi-storing porch of storable software type, too. It is A5 Dimensions to be able to carry for sense same as notebook and notebook.

          • BMA-GP12BK
            < Black >

          • BMA-GP12GY

          Stretch cloth

          We use elasticized expensive stretch cloth for the porch entire surface.

          Elastic band

          Elastic band that one cable is gathered up in individual treatment in one side in porch is on.

          ※Product of image is BMA-GP12GY (gray).

          Extension Mesh pocket

          It comprises extension Mesh pocket which big battery or AC Adapter enter.

          ※Product of image is BMA-GP12GY (gray).

          Temporarily fixed belt

          Temporarily fixed belt which can fix bulky gadgets such as AC Adapter is on.

          ※Product of image is BMA-GP12GY (gray).

          Hand strap

          Hand strap to be able to take out of the bag immediately is on.


          Dimensions: yakufuku 218 X depth 25 X H 158(mm)
          Internal Dimensions yakufuku 175 X depth 35 X H 120(mm)
          Pocket (the air chamber) Elastic band X 6, expansion and contraction Mesh pocket X 1
          Color: < Black >
          Materials: The body: Polyester
          Weight : Approximately 80 g

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