Blu-ray/DVD/CD case (slim/PP/one piece storing)


We adopt flexible material resisting breaking. Blu-ray/DVD/CD case of slim type that we can receive compactly.


    Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
    CCD-JPCS10ASO 4953103399921
    We sort five colors of a 850 yen (tax-excluded)
    935 yen (tax-included)
    Under the release
    CCD-JPCS10CBK 4953103399914
    Clear Black 850 yen (tax-excluded)
    935 yen (tax-included)
    Under the release
    CCD-JPCS10CR 4953103399877
    Clear 850 yen (tax-excluded)
    935 yen (tax-included)
    Under the release

      Features of product

          Space-saving receive!

          Thickness is about half of before

          As it is slim type, we can receive the number of sheets more than standard type in the same space.

          It is hard to be broken

          High quality

          It is Blu-ray/DVD/CD case which adopted flexible PP material resisting breaking.

          One piece of storing

          One piece of storing

          We can store one piece of disk because of one piece of case.

          We can store the lyrics card

          Index card storing is possible

          The lyrics card and index card are packable in the case inside, too.

          Five colors of a packs to sort are sets

          Five pieces of a packs to sort are crossed

          CCD-JPCS10ASO (we sort five colors of a)

          It is a type to sort that five colors of colors packed.


          The accommodation Media Blu-ray Disc/DVD/CD
          The number of accommodation (per one piece of case) One piece
          Jacket storing
          Dimensions: fuku 133.0 X depth 5.2 X H 125.3㎜
          Weight 31 g (one piece)
          Enter; number 10
          Materials: Polypropylene
          The body color Clear Black
          • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.
          • off toco

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