Digital camera case "GRAPH GEAR"

DGB-046 series DGB-046BK

Strong EVA material is used at light weight by shock! Semi-hardware type of digital camera case "GRAPH GEAR."


    Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
    DGB-046BK 4953103220225
    < Black > 1,420 yen (tax-excluded)
    1,562 yen (tax-included)
    Under the release

      Features of product

          ● Digital camera case of lightweight semi-hardware type

          Reference Storage Dimension:
          fuku 64 X depth 24 X 98mm in height

          Digital camera you have can support, or please confirm in corresponding table.
          It is digital camera case of semi-hardware type. We protect digital camera from wound and shock using EVA material resisting shock at light weight well. We are finished in simple, basic design wearing well liked to anyone.

          In the case inside, we use cloth for Polyurethane superior on the surface in water repellency using soft material which is hard to be able to be damaged in the digital camera body. In addition, putting in and out of digital camera is smooth as opening is double fastener type which greatly opens widely.

          < Black >

          〈 Silver 〉

          < Red >

          ● It is with side overpass preventing fall

          By side guard, we prevent fall of the digital camera body.

          ● With inner pocket


          ● With carabiner

          Inner pocket which memory card and petty person can store is attached.
          Carabiner which can be attached to belt loops is attached.


          The outside size 75mm in width X 40mm in depth X 115mm in height ※We do not include carabiner
          Reference Storage Dimension: 64mm in width X 24mm in depth X 98mm in height
          The number of pockets Media card pocket X 1
          Pocket dimensions Media card pocket: 46mm in width X 55mm in height
          Color: < Black >
          Materials: Dress material: Polyurethane, lining: Polyester, heart: EVA, pocket: Polyester
          Weight 53 g ※We do not include carabiner

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