LCD protective film (airless type) for digital camera


Airless type that bubble falls out neatly. Touch panel operation is possible with putting Film! LCD protective film (Anti-reflective Specifications) of Free cut type to protect LCD screen of digital camera and digital video camera from wound and dirt for liquid crystal


    Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
    DGP-004FLA 4953103909052
    Free cut type 550 yen (tax-excluded)
    605 yen (tax-included)

      Features of product

          ● LCD protective film (adjustable size type) for digital camera

          It is LCD protective film of adjustable size that we can cut to your camera freely. Video camera supports LCD screen of big Dimensions. It is a hard-type film with a high hardness, which protects an LCD screen from scratches and dirt.

          ● "Matte Specifications" which suppresses mio including borrowed light and image

          It is "Matte Specifications" which sees, and can reduce zurasaya, burden on eyes of screen of digital camera that there are many mio weight including borrowed light and image of LCD screen, opportunities to use outdoors.

          ● "Airless type " that we adopted special adsorption layer that bubble was not outstanding with passage of time

          We adopt "airless type " that bubble is not outstanding by special adsorption layer with passage of time. In addition, when small bubble was made, we can pull bubble by pushing with fingers and put Special coating which interferes with being accompanied in dirt and fingerprint dirt of LCD screen.

          ※Depending on bubble size, there may be cases which bubbles do not disappear.

          "Airless type" that adopted special adsorption layer that bubble was not outstanding with passage of time
          Pictorial image is Image diagram.

          ● Positioning is easy and adopts "hakuri Film" which it is easy to put

          It becomes Specifications which by adopting "hakuri Film", easily have positioning and is easy to put.

          ● Operation of touch panel is possible with sticking Film

          Operation of touch panel is possible with sticking Film.

          ● Easy to apply, and can even be re-applied

          We coat silicone skin in Application side and it is easy to put because we do not use adhesive and double-stick tape and we put again and are possible.


          Product Dimensions fuku 75 X depth 0.13 X 60mm in height
          Materials: Bonding surface: Silicone film, the outside: PET
          Correspondence liquid crystalline Dimensions (indication) Adjustable size ※Please confirm dimensions of display before/purchase that it is Free cut type to support to fuku 75 X 60mm in height that is slightly bigger than 3.5 inches of Dimensions and may not cope depending on Specifications of/digital camera
          Others Anti-reflective film
          • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.