HDMI-DVI Converter cable


It is only for single link and copes with resolution to 1920dpi X 1200dpi. HDMI-DVI Converter cable which is most suitable to connect PC equipped with DVI terminal and TV equipped with HDMI terminal.

  • EU Rohs order conformity product


Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
DH-HTD10BK 4953103246812
1.0m ※We do not include connector 3,400 yen (tax-excluded)
3,740 yen (tax-included)
Under the release
DH-HTD15BK 4953103246829
1.5m ※We do not include connector 3,600 yen (tax-excluded)
3,960 yen (tax-included)
Under the release
DH-HTD20BK 4953103246836
2.0m ※We do not include connector 4,000 yen (tax-excluded)
4,400 yen (tax-included)
Under the release
DH-HTD30BK 4953103246843
3.0m ※We do not include connector 4,700 yen (tax-excluded)
5,170 yen (tax-included)
Under the release
DH-HTD50BK 4953103246850
5.0m ※We do not include connector 7,800 yen (tax-excluded)
8,580 yen (tax-included)
Under the release

    Features of product

        ● HDMI-DVI Converter cable which is most suitable for connection of HDMI terminal apparatus and DVI terminal apparatus

        It is HDMI-DVI Converter cable which can connect PC equipped with DVI-D terminal to TV or display equipped with HDMI terminal.

        When we are connected to PC mounted with DVI terminal and want to use LCD television or display equipped with your HDMI terminal, it is recommended cable. In addition, we connect apparatuses such as PC and game console for HDMI, HDD recorder to DVI-D TV and display for terminal and can use.
        Connection image Connection diagram

        ● It is only for single link and copes with resolution to 1920dpi X 1200dpi

        We cope to resolution of up to 1920dpi X 1200dpi (WUXGA) in single link Specifications.

        ● Double Shielded Cable


        ● Uses Gold Coated Plugs

        We adopt double shielded cable which is hard to catch interference of external noise.
        Uses coated plugs that prevent signal degradation and won't rust easily.


        Supported devices: PC mounted with TV/displays mounted with HDMI terminal and DVI terminal
        Connector type: HDMI (type A, 19 pin males) - DVI-D (18 pin +1 pin males)
        Cable type Normal type
        Correspondence resolution WUXGA (1920 X 1200) ※Maximum
        Shield method Double Shield
        Plug plating Specifications The gilding
        Cable length 1.0m ※excluding connector
        Cable thickness About 5.5mm
        Color: < Black >
        Environmental consideration matter EU RoHS order conformity (10 materials)
        • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.