HDMI change over device


Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
DH-SWP31BK 4953103470699
Input: 3 output: 1: 17,780 yen (tax-excluded)
19,558 yen (tax-included)
The end of the sale
DH-SWP41BK 4953103470705
Input: 4 output: 1: 16,000 yen (tax-excluded)
17,600 yen (tax-included)
The end of the sale

    Features of product

        Change over container which changes plural HDMI apparatuses, and is usable

        We change Video, Audio of plural HDMI apparatuses and are one HDMI change over device which it can output to high vision TV.

        • DH-SWP31BK
          Input: 3 output: 1:

        • DH-SWP41BK
          Input: 4 output: 1:

        We finish changing while displaying image of connected apparatus with list

        It is equipped with preview function that there are easily choice and change of apparatus while displaying image of all alterable input equipments in list, and seeing image.
        ※Picture in picture function cannot use preview function during use.
        ※We cannot use this function during the 4K output.

        We are easily changed without missing the scene to want to see

        We can display subdisplay and are equipped with picture in picture function that we can easily change without missing the scene to want to see.
        ※We cannot change display size and display position of child screen.
        ※Busy of picture in picture function cannot change input port.
        ※Preview function cannot use picture in picture function during use. ※We cannot use this function during the 4K output.

        It supports 4K, 3D, full high-definition

        We cope with WUXGA resolution of full high-definition Video of 4K pixel (3,840*2,160 pixel) and 1,920*1,200 pixel. It supports high-resolution Video of 3D Video, full high-definition.

        The MHL function deployment

        It is equipped with MHL function.

        With external power port

        When there is few supplying power from HDMI apparatus, there is external power port for stable action to be possible.

        The automatic change over function deployment

        It is equipped with automatic change over function that port is replaced by at the time of HDMI apparatus start automatically. ※Switching to apparatus which has already started can be altered by button of the body sky side.

        Compact Dimensions which does not interfere

        It is TV compact Dimensions which does not interfere even if we install around.

        Processing adoption gold-plated on HDMI terminal

        We adopt gold-plated processing to all the HDMI terminals and strongly prevent signal degradation for rust.

        It supports various audio codec

        It supports DTS Digital, Dolby Digital(DTS-HD, Dolby True HD).

        We cope with Deep Color input-output

        We cope with Deep Color (deep color) input-output to each 36bit(1080/12bit/ color).

        It supports copyright protection contents

        It is HDCP(High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) supported product.

        EDID correspondence

        As it supports EDID, we can display Video just to be connected to Supported Devices.

        We can operate with exclusive remote control simply

        It is attached exclusive remote control operable simply.

        One HDMI cable is attached

        One HDMI cable is attached for the body and connection with TV.


        Correspondence Video output equipment Apparatus which was equipped with HDMI terminal
        Connector type: Input: The HDMItypeA19pin X 4 output: HDMItypeA19pin X 1 power supply: MicroUSB
        HDMI Standard: HDMI1.4a,HDCPcompliant
        Correspondence resolution 4K2K(3840 X 2160)
        Color depth 4K2K_8bit/1080p_12bitdeepcolor
        Data rate Up to 9.0Gbp/s
        Correspondence Audio format DTS-HDMA/DolbyTrueHD
        EDID EDID correspondence
        The body Dimensions fuku 113 X depth 77.8 X 21mm in height
        Attached article Remote control, HDMI cable (1m) one, exclusive AC Adapter, Manual
        MHL MHL2.0 correspondence
        Term of a guarantee One year

        The latest correspondence information of this product is this

        • Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.